Cuyahoga Valley National Park!

This is the beautiful Brandywine Falls!

I love visiting national parks. They are beautiful and have interesting things to see. Today I was in Ohio and came to see the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It is situated south of Cleveland in the midst of a forest of green.

One of the most popular hikes is to see Brandywine Falls. I left the visitor center and hiked the 5-mile hike to see these falls. I thought was a very nice hike with a number of fun things to see along the way.

I love our national park system.
These backlit leaves caught my attention.
Interesting plants along the hike.
I love the intense green plants growing everywhere.
Nice path for hiking.
I enjoyed the shade along the trail with the light highlights on the leaves.
I like the shapes of these plants.
Very interesting bark on this tree.
The weathered wood on this barn caught my eye.
I liked looking at this wooden barn.

Pro Football Hall of Fame


It was a wonderful experience to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame!! I loved learning more about football and reliving so many memories over the decades.


I have always highly respected Kurt Warner as a person and it is incredibly amazing that he lead two different teams to play in the Super Bowl!


Patrick Mahomes was one of my favorite players last year. Having lived in Kansas City, I have always liked the Chiefs. It was wonderful that they Chiefs won the last Super Bowl!

I went to Canton, Ohio and had a completely magical time vising the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I have always enjoyed football and seeing the exhibits brought back so many forgotten memories of exciting teams, players, and games.


Learning about the history of football was interesting.


I had absolutely no idea that the NFL was born in the tiny town of Canton, Ohio. Who knew?


Never did I know that the forward pass was illegal until 1933!


Growing up in Flagstaff, I remember watching Johnny Unitas play. He was amazing to watch!


I was glad to see that enormous recognition was given to Jim Thorpe.

It was fun to learn more about the history of the game of football. It was especially nice to see recognition given to some truly exceptional people.


I vividly remember watching the Miami Dolphins during their perfect season. It was a truly remarkable group of coaches and players.


I remember Pat Tillman playing for ASU and I remember him playing for the Cardinals. He truly put his country first.


I was shocked to learn the the field use to be 110 yards in length and did not have end zones.

I remember the Miami Dolphins going undefeated when I was in junior high. I loved the “Philly Special” when quarterback Nick Foles caught a touchdown pass in the endzone for Philadelphia to beat the New England Patriots.


I was very happy to see that the “Philly Special” football made it into the Hall of Fame. It was such an unexpected play and I was extra happy that it was Nick Foles that caught the ball for the key touchdown.


It was impressive to see the sculptures of so many great individuals.


I really like the Hall of Fame logo!


Roger Staubach is such a high class individual and was an amazing player. However, I have never really like the Cowboys, so I usually rooted for whoever was playing the Cowboys. Roger Staubach broke my heart repeatedly by guiding the Cowboys to win after win. He is truly an impressive guy.

Jim Thorpe was before my time, but he had a huge impact on the game of football.


I remember watching this game when Drew Brees broke this amazing record!


Patrick Mahomes and his MVP season. Probably more to come in the future?


Larry Fitzgerald is a tremendous athlete and a tremendous person. The Cardinals have been so fortunate to have him for so long.

I never knew that professional football started in Canton, Ohio. I also never knew that the field used to be 110 yards and that there used to be no endzones because passes were not allowed.


I was very happy that former University of Arizona Wildcat quarterback Nick Foles was the MVP when he guided the Philadelphia Eagles to a Super Bowl win.


The Hall of Fame even had the dress and jewelry worn by Carrie Underwood when she sang the famous song about getting ready for Sunday Night Football.

I spent hours and hours walking through the exhibits, reliving impactful plays, and thinking about such a big part of American culture. I highly recommend a visit to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


Our new motorhome is parked here in the Hall of Fame parking lot. We used to own a large 40 foot diesel pusher. Now we have a cute little 24 foot diesel motorhome. I laughed at the size difference when I came back to our motorhome. Everything is smaller with our new motorhome, but it is nice and nimble to drive.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!


Cleveland was a great place to visit! I especially enjoyed the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!


It was interesting to learn about Cleveland, Ohio’s contribution to rock and roll.

I had a wonderful time visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. I am not sure why Cleveland was selected for the location, but it is a marvelous museum. I do not consider myself all that focused on music, but even a dunderhead like me could appreciate all the exhibits. From stars decades ago to current musicians, the museum covered it all. It was quite impressive. There were so many interesting things to see, there is no way I can cover it in just a few photos.


Outside the museum had added security because of the covid 19 pandemic. Also, quite a few people had Georgia connections and loved my t-shirt (where Neil earned his PhD)!

I just keep walking through different sections with more and more remembrances. Songs that made me think of different events. Songs I remember listening to while driving. Songs that friends and family really enjoyed.


I was obligated to buy a t-shirt highlighting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Cleveland!


Elvis made a huge impact on Rock and Roll and he was highlighted.

From what I saw, the largest crowd of people were gathered around the Beatles exhibit. There was a display that went through 13 of the Beatles albums and showed excerpts when the album was being recorded. I found it fascinating.


I love these guys beards and a number of their songs!

From ZZ Top, to the Rolling Stones, to Lady Gaga, to Taylor Swift, to Michael Jackson, the content was simply amazing. I am not sure why, but it really amazed me to see the actual piano where Paul McCartney wrote the songs “Got to Get You Into My Life” and “Eleanor Rigby.”


During my first year of college I attended an Elton John concert in Tucson. It was the first rock concert I had ever seen live.


Over the decades, the Rolling Stones just keep flowing with music.

I highly recommend visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Music has had quite an impact on our culture (both good and bad). It was fun to walk through memories as musicians and songs were highlighted.


Michael Jackson had an enormous impact on Rock and Roll music!


Taylor Swift keeps creating more and more beautiful songs!

Amish Ohio!

Horse and buggy

Amish country means seeing many horse and buggies, great food, and very nice people!

Since I have never been to norther Ohio, I decided to drive around a learn about the area. Heading north and east I found the “Amish Byway” and enjoyed driving through the rural countryside. The land seems to be quite fertile with crops everywhere. Corn fields were common. The meandering roads were narrow, but I enjoyed taking my time seeing all the greenery and rolling hills.

Blueberries local

Ohio blueberries taste wonderful. They are especially great with oatmeal!!

I stopped at a local vender selling fruits and vegetables. I bought a couple of zucchini that were a great snack while driving.

Blueberries Michigan

I thought the Michigan blueberries were excellent as well!

I also learned about blueberries. At first I picked up some Michigan blueberries. However, I was informed that the local blueberries tasted better, so I quickly switched my purchase to buying the local blueberries instead. Actually, I think I would have thoroughly enjoyed either one, both seemed excellent to me.

Purchases are cash only. Credit card processing does not seem to be part of the culture.

Horses only

Horse and buggies need a place to park too!!

I stopped at a small town and bought lunch. It was interesting to see the sign for horses only. The Amish need a place to park their horse and buggies.

While driving, it was fun to see the Amish men wearing straw hats and beards. The Amish women wore bonnets and long dresses. I could not take photos while driving, but I hope to get some photos before leaving the area.

I spent the night at a Elks lodge near Cleveland. It was fun because as I was reading a book on my Kindle, three deer casually walked to the motorhome. They were on their was to get a drink at the creek next to me. I tried to get a photo, but they ran away when they saw me move to grab my phone. Hopefully, they will return. Some pleasures are simple and nice. Unexpectedly seeing deer is one of those simple pleasures in life.

New Beginnings!

New motorhome

We are excited to be the new owners of this motorhome! I love going on RV trips!

It is a time for new beginnings! After much thought and consideration, we bought a new-to-us (i.e. used) motorhome. There was much we loved about our previous large class A diesel pusher. However, it was so large that it was difficult to maneuver and did not lend itself to going into the forest or out into the desert. It was mainly a motorhome for RV parks and we wanted more flexibility.

This new motorhome is a class C, and almost half the size of our previous coach. There is much less storage space, a smaller generator, smaller water tanks, but it is so much more maneuverable! It is a Mercedes-Benz chassis and then Winnebago built a motorhome on the top. It is super easy to drive and has some nice Mercedes-Benz safety features. None of that was on our previous motorhome.

Inside there is plenty of room for two adults. There is a bed over the cab that seems to be a perfect spot for grandsons to sleep. I think Luke and David could be invited to join us on some camping trips!!

With the covid 19 pandemic, people have been buying RVs like crazy. Everything from trailers to motorhomes has been selling. It makes sense that if people want to be able to be socially-distant as a family, be outdoors where it is safer than indoors, and get out of “lock-down” in the house, many people have turned to renting or buying some type of RV.

We had picked out this model of RV and I have been searching nationwide to find one. I made an offer on a coach in Florida, only to be told by the seller that he had accepted an offer a few hours before I contacted him. I tried buying one in Arizona and as we were working out the purchase details, I was told that it had just been sold. I found our current motorhome available in Ohio. I made an offer and the couple accepted it. They had just bought it new in January 2020. They had never even taken a shower in it. They had only used it for brief weekend trips and it only had 2,000 miles on the odemeter. The biggest disadvantage was that it was located in Ohio.

I had to fly to Columbus, Ohio, take an Uber ride 45 miles north to meet the sellers at the county motor vehicle license office. It was a big rush to get everything finished before the state offices closed, but we got it done and now we are the new owners of a nice motorhome. I am going to wander around the area before working my was back to Texas. It will be interesting to see what Luke thinks about the inside of the motorhome.