West Virginia!


I loved wearing my University of Arizona Wildcat shirt in front of the Mountaineer football players right behind me. However, I was soon “escorted out” because of a possible virus risk.


They have a beautiful football stadium!

Today was the day to enjoy beautiful West Virginia. I started off by going to Morgantown and went to the campus of West Virginia University. Since I really enjoy college football, I tend to be drawn to the football stadiums when I visit a new campus.


Famous players and games were highlighted all around the stadium.


Nice and clean logo for the university!

When I located the stadium where the Mountaineers play their home games, the gate was wide open, so I walked up the steps and started taking pictures with my phone. Football players were busy lifting weights under a section of the stadium. I asked one of the trainers to take my picture in front of some of their players while I was wearing a t-shirt that said Arizona Wildcats and had a large emblem of a Wildcat.


However, soon after my phone was returned to me, a guy ran up to me and asked me why I was there. I told him I was a visitor and wanted to take some pictures about Mountaineer football. He said that practice was closed to the public because they wanted to protect players from someone possibly with the Covid 19 virus. He wanted me to get on the other side of the fence so no one would be in trouble for not protecting the players. I apologized and headed for the exit. He was not too happy to hear that the gate near the endzone was wide open and I just simply walked up a few steps. That was probably corrected very quickly.


Beautiful countryside in every direction!

I then had a great drive through the state. I stopped for lunch and bought a “Mediterranean Vegetarian” sandwich at a store that sold may Amish products. The sandwich was excellent and then I finished my drive in Charleston, West Virginia. Charleston is the state capital.


Beautiful green, and more green, and more green!

West Virginia is beautiful! Everything is very green and there are rolling hills in all directions. There are gorgeous trees everywhere. Hills flow into more hills and they are simply packed with spectacular green trees. I loved my drive today!