German Castles!


The Neuschwanstein Castle is gorgeous!

The Neuschwanstein Castle is very impressive! It famously inspired Walt Disney when he planned Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty castle.


Linderhof Castle was beautiful inside and outside!

We also really enjoyed visiting Linderhof Castle. This is where King Ludwig II of Bavaria lived and the only castle that he lived long enough to see completed. It was spectacular inside and out!


The king slept here each night!


Munich, Germany!


We loved the German beer and cocktails!


This is a sculpture of Luke in one of the beautiful churches. We want to show this photo to our grandson Luke!

Charlene and I had a wonderful trip to Munich, Germany to visit Elizabeth and Dennis. Munich is a beautiful city with tremendous history. We absolutely loved visiting the area!


This is the central square in Munich! The statue of Mary is in the front (Mary’s column) with the glockenspiel in the background.

It was especially fun to taste German beer and enjoy German pretzels. We enjoyed learning about the beers made in Munich as the community was preparing for Octoberfest.

I especially enjoyed visiting the center of Munich and seeing the famous glockenspiel. Each day at noon the glockenspiel plays music and the two platforms rotate with their colorful figurines.


I love this photo of Elizabeth and me in front of the glockenspiel!

One of my favorite photos is the picture of me and Elizabeth in front of the glockenspiel.


The food was wonderful, and it was an unexpected surprise to eat pork knuckle and the sauerkraut made in Germany. Both were fantastic!


Here is pork knuckle and it tastes wonderful!

We went to BMW World and learned they have Rolls Royce cars too. We were allowed to have a photo taken in front of a car that cost $1,000,000. However, it was no surprise that we were not allowed to sit in the car or touch it!


I could look at, but not touch, this amazing car!

The walking man sculpture is one of Dennis’ favorite sculptures in Munich.


The famous Walking Man!


The parks in Munich are very beautiful!

An unexpected surprise was to discover that there is surfing in Munich! There is a river that has rapids where people can surf by going against the flow of the river. It was very fun to watch people take turns trying to surf the river!


Surfing on the river!!

It was very interesting to see a sculpture that spelled Love when viewed from one side. However, the same sculpture spelled Hate when viewed from the other side.


Love on one side of the sculpture


And hate is spelled when looking at the same sculpture from the opposite side

We visited a Munich museum and were surprised to be able to see a beautiful painting by Claude Monet and another famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh. Munich has something for everyone to enjoy!


Beautiful painting by Claude Monet!


Famous painting of sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh!