Ben & Jerry’s is an iconic Vermont establishment. My first visit to Vermont required I stop at their factory.

I do not think it is possible to visit Vermont and not stop to see Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Especially, since this is my first time to Vermont, I just had to stop. I may not agree with many of the political positions of Ben & Jerry’s, but they are an iconic Vermont establishment. Tours were currently not available, but it was still possible to buy some of their excellent ice cream!

Although this RV has seen better days, it is a friendly greeting when arriving at Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory.
It was humorous to see the “graveyard” of retired or unsuccessful flavors.
This flavor still sounds good to me.
I think I would really like this flavor, but I guess it did not catch enough peoples’ attention.
In Burlington, Vermont I climbed to the top of Ethan Allen Tower.
I simply love seeing the vibrant green foliage all around this part of the country!