White Mountains in New Hampshire!

I thoroughly enjoyed sitting out on the porch, listening to the river, and seeing the covered bridge behind me. Littleton, New Hampshire is a very picturesque town!

The White Mountain in New Hampshire are very green and very beautiful! With the rain and snow every year, the many rivers are full and flow all around the area. I thoroughly enjoyed spending 3 days in the northern section of New Hampshire. I loved the covered bridges and the flowers growing everywhere!

Rivers flow everywhere in the White Mountains!
I thought this river that flowed right through Littleton, New Hampshire was wonderful!
I found the Schilling Beer Company had a tasting room and I was able to enjoy one of their products.
True maple syrup is a famous product in the New England area of the US and Canada.
Never did I expect to find a statue of the optomistic Pollyanna! Littleton, New Hampshire is the birthplace of Eleanor H. Porter, the author of Pollyanna.
Flowers, flowers are everywhere in New Hampshire. I love all the vibrant colors!
I found myself captivated by this covered bridge in Littleton, New Hampshire.
It was wonderful to be in New Hampshire on the 4th of July!
Rock walls are common in this part of the country.
This is the Ammonoosuc River and I went on a long bike ride along the river. I rode 20 miles along the bike path and then turned around and rode back to Littleton.
I was smiling as I rode along such beautiful scenes.
The bike path used to be have railroad tracks for the trains to run. It was fund to ride over these bridges designed for trains.
I enjoyed seeing all the different shades of green with the different plants in New Hampshire.
All the water is so different from my experience living so much of my life in Texas and Arizona.
The river keeps flowing along!
All the vibrantly green plants amazed me!
I loved this covered bridge right next to the bike path!