Beautiful Delaware!!

What a beautiful setting!! I love all the green trees and grass! Very peaceful!

When traveling, there are all kinds of unexpected discoveries. For me, one of the special discoveries in Delaware are all the trees! They are beautiful and very green. After spending so much time in Texas and Arizona, it is beautiful to see such lush vegetation.

I love this location!!

As I drove into Dover, Delaware I was surprised to see pine trees along the route. Suddenly the trees shifted into being more and more pine trees. I love them! They made me think of growing up in Flagstaff.

The pine trees were my favorite!

When I arrived at my spot to park the RV, I was pleasantly surprised to see all the trees around me. I was the only person there, so it was extremely quiet and peaceful! What an incredibly beautiful setting!!

I had this entire space to myself. Extremely quiet and nice to enjoy the rain and the trees!

The high temperature was 77 degrees when I arrived, and it started raining. This is a huge change from Texas and Arizona in June!! It was a powerful rain that was nice to watch and listen to the sound on the motorhome. This morning, it was 54 degrees!! I needed my house shoes. I have not needed them since leaving Colorado Springs!

Simple things like green trees and rain are very nice to enjoy!