Plymouth, Massachusetts!

It is pretty awesome to stand in front of the Mayflower II!
An amazing story began after the Pilgrims landed in 1620!
This is the Plymouth Rock!! Incredible history occurred here!

I had a fantastic time visiting Plymouth, Massachusetts. I was amazed to stand on the location where the Pilgrims landed. As I stood on the shore, I kept thinking about all the downstream consequences that results from the arrival of the Pilgrims in Plymouth.

I liked this artwork!

Plymouth rock was highlighted under a nice cover. That rock was nothing fancy, but at the same time, it changed everything. Very interesting to think about.

There was the Mayflower II in harbor that was interesting to see too.

The Mayflower II is a majestic ship!

Amazing history in this town!

After seeing Plymouth, I dove out to Cape Cod and then around to Cape Cod National Seashore. Cape Cod was much larger than I anticipated. It took quite a while to cross the bridge and then work my way along the peninsula.

Interesting comment about finding your park.