Kansas City Royals


George Brett was a great player for the Royals back when I lived in Kansas City.


Fountains are famous throughout Kansas City, so it is appropriate that they are an important part of the baseball stadium!


Friends I met at the RV rally invited me to join them at the baseball game!

We bought tickets to watch the Kansas City Royals play the Oakland Athletics. Although I watched one spring training game, this is the first time I attended a major league baseball game in years. The current stadium is newer from when I lived in Kansas City. We arrived early enough so we could walk all around the stadium. The famous fountains are beautiful!



Kansas City, Missouri



Satchel Paige got his start in the American Negro league baseball and made it into Major League Baseball.

Today I drove from Sedalia to Independence, Missouri with two friends (Deb and Jim) I met at the Escapade. We left in a rain storm but had beautiful weather when we arrived in Independence. We had a very busy day visiting several famous areas in town.


We first went to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. I was not sure I would find it interesting, but I thought it was extremely fascinating. I loved learning about the history and some of the famous players who made it into the major leagues.


This is a wonderful painting in the museum.



The American Jazz Museum was right next door to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, so we visited it too. I do not know much about music, but it was interesting to learn about melody, harmony, tempo, etc. and how jazz developed. Louis Armstrong was highlighted along with many other musicians.




We next visited an open jam session place called Knuckleheads Saloon. One band would play a few songs and then another band would come up and replace them. It was very nice to listen to live music from local musicians!



The open jam session was wonderful! I loved all the different bands!



After visiting these museums, we were hungry. I told Deb and Jim about Arthur Bryant’s BBQ and Gate’s BBQ. We found Arthur Bryant’s very close to where we were at, so that is where we went. Inside were photos of Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, John McCain, and others eating at the restaurant.



Sedalia, Missouri


I loved this beautiful historic car!!

After an excellent Escapade RV rally at the Missouri State Fair Grounds, I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon in Sedalia. It was fun because there was a Ragtime Festival going on at the time.


I really enjoyed listening to the live music. I especially enjoyed the upbeat songs!

Dixie Stampede

Ed & Charlene Dixie

We absolutely LOVE the Christmas season!

Tonight we were treated to the Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede! It was really fun to have dinner and watch a superb Christmas show. The only thing weird is that they served dinner and did not provide utensils. We each ate a whole chicken (that was delicious), corn on the cob, baked potato, biscuit, pork, and turnover. It was a huge amount of food! I was amazed they could feed an entire arena of people and everyone receive such as nice meal.


The horses and program were quite impressive! We loved watching all the activities in the arena. Now I understand why the arena sells out so frequently!

Christmas in Branson

Charlene counting gifts with Santa

Charlene is telling Santa what she wants for Christmas!

Ed Christmas tree

Ed loves all the Christmas decorations!

Today we had a chance to enjoy many of the beautiful Christmas decorations in Branson. The businesses really have a fun time dressing up the community. It is very fun to enjoy celebrating the Christmas season in a new community!

Charlene mug

Charlene is excited to find a Missouri mug with her name!


Christmas on the Trail and Shepherd of the Hills Trail of Lights

Starvin' Marvin's

Once we arrived in Branson, we had lunch at Starvin’ Marvin’s. Their bear seemed a quite fierce!

We had so much fun visiting Branson, Missouri a couple of months ago, we came back to enjoy some of the Christmas programs. We certainly were not disappointed! We started off watching the Christmas on the Trail and then drove through the Shepherd of the Hills Trail of Lights.


Christmas on the Trail

The Christmas on the Trail was a great program!

Lights 9

The Christmas on the Trail started with a fantastic meal of turkey, corn on the cobb, beans, corn bread, and dessert. For feeding a large group of people, it was very good food. I could not finish everything. The Christmas program was from a cowboy perspective of life on a ranch. There was a very nice complement of a Christian emphasis on Christmas, great singing, as well as humor and teasing. I thought it was a wonderful program to get us in the mood for Christmas.


Charlene Christmas Tree

The Christmas season is so much fun!

After the Christmas on the Trail program, we drove through the Shepherd of the Hills Trail of Lights. This was an amazing series of lights and was extremely impressive!


Lights 5

Lights 8


Six is a very popular show in Branson!

Six is a very popular show in Branson!

We were able to go to the show by Six. They are six brothers that sing and dance to all kinds of songs. We really enjoyed them. They seem to be regarded as one of the top shows in Branson. The Six show was probably tied with the Chinese Acrobats and Jonah as my favorite things to see in Branson.

We always knew there had to be a place called Starvin Marvin. Now we finally found it in Branson.

We always knew there had to be a place called Starvin Marvin. Now we finally found it in Branson.

We have had a chance to see some very different shows over the last several days. They were all very good and we would recommend each of them. It is funny to realize that all this entertainment is in the small town of Branson, Missouri.

After the show, we went to a yogurt shop to celebrate our last evening in Branson. This is a very fun place. We wish we could be here for the Christmas shows!