I could not believe the intensity of riding a bucking horse!


Cowboys would fly off their horses!


There were many nice smiles too!

I joined 6 other people and enjoyed the National Senior Pro rodeo in Wickenburg, Arizona. It was a beautiful day and there was lots of activity. I enjoyed all the colors and pageantry of the rodeo.


There were many rough landings!


Hang on!!

The bucking broncos were very intense!




Flagstaff, Arizona


I absolutely love the combination plates at La Fonda! It has always been my favorite restaurant in Flagstaff.

I love visiting Flagstaff! Normally cool, the high temperatures were in the 90s, while it was 115 to 119 in Phoenix! However, it still cooled down very nicely in the evening!

My favorite restaurant in Flagstaff is La Fonda. I absolutely love their combination plates. Yummy!



I miss my Mom. She truly was a fantastic wife, mother, and friend!


I miss talking with my father. I admired all of his common sense.

It always touches my heart to go to the Flagstaff cemetery and visit my parents’ graves. It is a time for reflection, thinking about the future, and being thankful for such wonderful memories of my parents. I know my parents would be so proud of Amy and John and the lives they have built!


I had fun visiting my old elementary school! I loved attending this school!

I had a chance to visit my old elementary school! I really enjoyed Sechrist School and still have fantastic memories of my teachers and classmates. I was quite fortunate to attend such an excellent school.


Finding the Flagstaff Folk Festival was an unexpected surprise. I loved all the guitars!

A special treat was attending the Flagstaff Folk Festival! There were four venues going with different groups playing for about 30 minutes each. I moved around between the different groups and heard all kinds of instruments and many different singers. It was wonderful. It started raining during the afternoon. It was fantastic to listen to people playing their guitars, with the sound of the rain on the roof and the wonderful smell of the rain coming in through the door. It was a fantastic time!


The Secret Handshake was the name of this group. They were fantastic and everyone loved listening to them play and sing!

The group Secret Handshake was my favorite. They play weekly in Flagstaff and seem to have quite a following. I loved their music.


Holbrook, Arizona


I loved this beautiful Jeep!!

One of the fun things about visiting small towns is the unexpected discoveries along the way. I was talking with the lady in the office of the RV park enjoying their coffee and muffins. She told me there was a car show going on and that the whole town would turn out to attend. I had fun seeing the awesome Jeep and other vehicles.


This Holbrook dinosaur stole my hat and ate my arm!



I drove all the way from Amarillo the previous day.

One of the most fun aspects was the live bands over the course of the afternoon. They keep everyone entertained and all the feet were tapping. It was very fun and quite unexpected experience!


These cute girls were dressed up from the 1950s and received several awards.

Final Four!


I loved being at the location of the college basketball championship games!

I have always enjoyed watching college basketball. One of the fun discoveries of being in Phoenix, Arizona was that the Final Four was held there this year. It was fun timing. The Friday before the first two games there were open practices to watch all four teams (South Carolina, Oregon, Gonzaga, and North Carolina).


It was fun to be in the midst of so much excitement for college basketball and see the fans that were supporting their favorite team. There were also many people like me, not a fan of a specific team, but wanting to enjoy the Final Four experience.



This was as close as I have ever been to the Final Four, so I had to buy a commemorative t-shirt. It was very fun. I looked into buying an actual ticket for the games, but they were over $1,000 per ticket. Oh well, maybe next year I can get a ticket for the Final Four in San Antonio.



Lake Pleasant


A gorgeous day to enjoy a cruise!

I had a fun day. I joined an outing with our RV park and went to Lake Pleasant and we rode a Cruise boat around the lake. It has been cold and rainy for a number of days, so it was a wonderful day to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. The high temperature was 72 degrees; quite amazing for January 29th!


From the top of the boat, it was breezy and there were beautiful views!

Right on the water it was quite breezy and the wind gusts were cold. However, we initially sat downstairs within a glass area so we were toasty warm. As the day warmed up, we went up to the top of the boat and enjoyed the open air. We went around a desert island on the north side of the lake. I was amazed with the size of some of the boats in the marina and on the lake. It was a very fun time!


We rode around this island.


Oak Creek Canyon


I love the sound of the water flowing over the rocks in Oak Creek Canyon!


For my last side trip in Arizona, I went up to Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon. It is such a beautiful area of the country and it has been years since I have visited. Although the red rocks are gorgeous, I especially enjoy Oak Creek Canyon. I spent most of the day enjoying the peace and quiet of the canyon. It was nice to hear the water pouring over the rocks. I found a picnic area that was deserted and enjoyed a sandwich, listening the water, seeing the leaves changing, and relaxing in the quiet sounds of nature. It was beautiful and I did not want to leave!






I decided to drive through Cottonwood and I remembered there was a La Fonda Café nearby. I love the Mexican food here and the owner’s father’s La Fonda restaurant in Flagstaff!


Beautiful Desert Ride!


Weaving through the boulders was fun!

It is fun to visit the desert and discover new mountain bike trails. I looked on the Internet to find some options that were not too difficult. I started on one ride recommended on a mountain biking website, but could not figure out a place to park as there were no parking signs in the pullout areas. I ended up parking next to the road and started up a powerline trail. A ways down the path, I saw a single track trail go to the left, so I took it. It was a nice trail, but quite rugged. Going down one gulley I ended up going over my handlebars, but landed on my feet. I enjoyed the trail, but I would not have considered it a beginner trail, so I questioned the website summary.



The trail was rough and not for beginners, but I still had quite a bit of fun riding on the trail!

After riding for almost an hour I came to a fork in the road with another trail. Looking back where I had just come from was a sign stating that it was not a maintained trail. No wonder it was so difficult!


I met a couple going on a hike and they directed me to some other trails. These trails were fantastic and definitely beginner oriented trails. As I rode on these new trails, I discovered there was an entire parking lot with more than 100 cars of mountain bikers and hikers. I am so glad I discovered these other trail options. They are not too difficult and wind all through the desert. I loved these trails and will definitely be back!