Eating cheese curds is wonderful!

It is so fun to visit Wisconsin. Where else can you wear a cheese hat? Although I tend to not eat as much cheese today as I have in the past, it is a requirement to buy cheese curds when traveling in Wisconsin. Cheese curds are fun and squeaky to eat!

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore!

Beautiful shoreline at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore!

I really enjoy seeing our national parks. Today I was able to discover beautiful sections of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Two spectacular aspects are beautiful waterfalls and beautiful coastline. I went on a hike and thought the colors were amazing! The upper peninsula of Michigan is rugged and beautiful. I would like to spend a longer time here on a future trip.

This is Munising Falls. I loved all the waterfalls in the upper peninsula!
I love listening to the sound of the water.
All the rain produces rivers and streams flowing everywhere in the upper peninsula.
The intense green throughout the forests is awesome!
Never, in my entire life, have I been on a hike and encountered a sign about snowmobiles!
I love the vibrant ferns!
The coastline is simply stunning!
Interesting rock formations.
I have been captivated by the green foliage.
Gorgeous forests throughout the upper peninsula!

The Mighty Mackinac Bridge!

The Mackinac Bridge is an amazing engineering accomplishment!

Today I drove over the Mackinac Bridge in the motorhome during a rainstorm! Everything was fine, but I was very careful to stay in my line going uphill and then downhill. The Mackinac Bridge is truly an engineering marvel. It is huge and awesome and commands attention. It is amazing that it opened in 1957.

This monument was dedicated to the union workers who built the bridge and died during its construction.
Truly an amazing bridge!
The massive bridge is visible in the midst of the rain storm!
This is a clear spring called Kitch-iti-Kipi (“Big Spring”). The wind is slightly rippling the surface of the spring, but it is crystal clear! You can see 40 feet down to the bottom of the spring. Over 10,000 gallons per minute of water gush from the spring!
All of these logs are under water, but the water is so clear, it almost seems like they are on the surface.
“UP” is how people often refer to Michigan’s upper peninsula. A person living in the UP is commonly called a “yooper.” This Yooper bar is a candy bar made in the UP. It is a requirement for anyone visiting the UP buy a Yooper bar!
This is the famous red lighthouse at Manistique, Michigan in the upper peninsula facing south.

Traverse City, Michigan – the “Cherry Capital of the World!”

This company has fantastic cherry products!

Today was a milestone for me in my RV travels. With our previous diesel pusher and our current motorhome, I have had the opportunity to sleep in our motorhome in all 48 lower states. Michigan was my final state to complete all 48 states!

It is fun that I was able to arrive in Traverse City as my first tourist stop in Michigan. Traverse City is known as the “Cherry Capital of the World” because of all cherries grown in the area and the wide variety of cherry products that are available for purchase. I had a wonderful time going from store to store tasting various cherry products. The obvious cherry jams and syrups were wonderful. The cherry trail mix was great, and the chocolate covered cherries were outstanding. I tasted 6 different cherry wines (more were available, but a tasting event was limited to 6 wines). It was a difficult decision, but I decided to buy bottles of two different cherry wines. Cherry fudge was bursting with flavor too. The cherry salsas were great. There were also unusual items. Cherry flavored barbeque sauce? Cherry bacon spread? Cherry queso?

This was my favorite wine! It was described as “cherry pie in a bottle.”
Their cherry spiced wine is wonderful.
These are fantastic! I am glad that samples were available to try!
I was not able to try their pancakes, but I think I would love them!
I love cherry syrup!
Cherry coffee is certainly worth a try!
Maybe I would like this?
Sounds great to me!
No thanks. I think I will pass on this one.
I am doubtful about this one.
My taste buds said that Black Cherry and Chocolate cherry were excellent fudge flavors!
I loved this colorful mural!
There are several popular beaches in Traverse City!
I liked this sculpture near the marina.

Indiana Dunes National Park!

It is an awesome experience to stand on the shore of Lake Michigan!

I set a goal to visit as many national parks as possible on my RV trip. Some I have visited are famous, while others of not well known. I put Indiana Dunes National Park in the latter category. I had never heard of it until I started reviewing all the national parks. It is quite unique in that it has several ecosystems all in one national park. I think it is probably most well known for its beaches and dunes. It is a fascinating patchwork of properties that contain all these different ecosystems together. I thoroughly enjoyed my day visiting this national park.

I think this gentleman should receive an award for being the most awesome park ranger. He was extremely informative and excited to tell me about Indiana Dunes National Park and all the things I should see during my visit.
Their bison knows the importance of wearing a mask if not vaccinated for COVID (although I think it looks more like a feed bag).
I was excited to walk along this path to see Lake Michigan for the first time!
The water was quite chilly, but it was beautiful to see Lake Michigan.
In places, this beach had river rock mixed together with the beach sand.
The name of this dune is Mount Baldy. It is amazing because it moves every year with the wind! It now almost reaches one of the parking lots.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park!

This is the beautiful Brandywine Falls!

I love visiting national parks. They are beautiful and have interesting things to see. Today I was in Ohio and came to see the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It is situated south of Cleveland in the midst of a forest of green.

One of the most popular hikes is to see Brandywine Falls. I left the visitor center and hiked the 5-mile hike to see these falls. I thought was a very nice hike with a number of fun things to see along the way.

I love our national park system.
These backlit leaves caught my attention.
Interesting plants along the hike.
I love the intense green plants growing everywhere.
Nice path for hiking.
I enjoyed the shade along the trail with the light highlights on the leaves.
I like the shapes of these plants.
Very interesting bark on this tree.
The weathered wood on this barn caught my eye.
I liked looking at this wooden barn.

Niagara Falls State Park!

Getting ready for the Maid of the Mist boat ride for a closeup view of the falls!

I had a wonderful time visiting Niagara Falls State Park. Years ago, I visited Niagara Falls from the Canadian side, but today was the first time to visit the American side. The highlight was the Maid of the Mist boat ride to the base of both the American Falls and Horseshoe Falls. I stood near the front of the boat and we were complete covered with water mist. It was a very fun experience!

This was our boat filled with excited people to see the waterfalls!
This is approaching Horseshoe Falls!
This is the left side of Horseshoe Falls! Note the size of the people to the left of the falls.
This is the right side of Horseshoe Falls! We can feel the rumble in the water!
Getting closer and feeling the force of the water and mist rising up around us!
The force of the water is intense!
Amazing to hear the water roar!
This is the left side of the American Falls.
Everyone on the boat is focused on the water crashing in front of us.
We move in closer to the American Falls.
This is the observation tower to get a good view of the American Falls. Not the size of the people on top.
This is a view of the American Falls from the observation tower. The Horseshoe Falls are in the background on the right.
A view from the observation tower.

Finger Lakes Region of New York State (Canandaigua, New York)!

One of the highlights of this RV trip was to visit with extremely special friends Betty and Jim. I spent two winters with them when RVing in the Phoenix area several years ago. It was wonderful to see them and enjoy lunch together!

Now I know when so many people speak favorably about going to “up state New York.” It is an extremely beautiful area. It has a nice combination of rural areas and nearby major cities. I loved driving through the Adirondacks and seeing the finger lakes region. It would be very easy to spend the summer in such a nice location!

I love shopping in farm to market businesses! Great food and it is nice to talk to people growing the products.
I love blueberries on my morning oatmeal!
It is a rare treat for me to enjoy black raspberries!
The Canandaigua Lady provides cruises around Canandaigua Lake, one of the finger lakes.
I love to visit microbreweries and sample some of their products. They had several berry flavored beers that would quite good! Berlinerweiss was my favorite beer at Twisted Rail Brewing Company in Canandaigua.
I enjoy all the colorful flowers growing in the area.
Here is my nice camp site, complete with the pond and fountain providing soothing water sounds.


Ben & Jerry’s is an iconic Vermont establishment. My first visit to Vermont required I stop at their factory.

I do not think it is possible to visit Vermont and not stop to see Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Especially, since this is my first time to Vermont, I just had to stop. I may not agree with many of the political positions of Ben & Jerry’s, but they are an iconic Vermont establishment. Tours were currently not available, but it was still possible to buy some of their excellent ice cream!

Although this RV has seen better days, it is a friendly greeting when arriving at Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory.
It was humorous to see the “graveyard” of retired or unsuccessful flavors.
This flavor still sounds good to me.
I think I would really like this flavor, but I guess it did not catch enough peoples’ attention.
In Burlington, Vermont I climbed to the top of Ethan Allen Tower.
I simply love seeing the vibrant green foliage all around this part of the country!

White Mountains in New Hampshire!

I thoroughly enjoyed sitting out on the porch, listening to the river, and seeing the covered bridge behind me. Littleton, New Hampshire is a very picturesque town!

The White Mountain in New Hampshire are very green and very beautiful! With the rain and snow every year, the many rivers are full and flow all around the area. I thoroughly enjoyed spending 3 days in the northern section of New Hampshire. I loved the covered bridges and the flowers growing everywhere!

Rivers flow everywhere in the White Mountains!
I thought this river that flowed right through Littleton, New Hampshire was wonderful!
I found the Schilling Beer Company had a tasting room and I was able to enjoy one of their products.
True maple syrup is a famous product in the New England area of the US and Canada.
Never did I expect to find a statue of the optomistic Pollyanna! Littleton, New Hampshire is the birthplace of Eleanor H. Porter, the author of Pollyanna.
Flowers, flowers are everywhere in New Hampshire. I love all the vibrant colors!
I found myself captivated by this covered bridge in Littleton, New Hampshire.
It was wonderful to be in New Hampshire on the 4th of July!
Rock walls are common in this part of the country.
This is the Ammonoosuc River and I went on a long bike ride along the river. I rode 20 miles along the bike path and then turned around and rode back to Littleton.
I was smiling as I rode along such beautiful scenes.
The bike path used to be have railroad tracks for the trains to run. It was fund to ride over these bridges designed for trains.
I enjoyed seeing all the different shades of green with the different plants in New Hampshire.
All the water is so different from my experience living so much of my life in Texas and Arizona.
The river keeps flowing along!
All the vibrantly green plants amazed me!
I loved this covered bridge right next to the bike path!