Icefields Parkway!!

This is Bow Lake. Very beautiful while still frozen!

Canada continues to amaze and inspire me. Today I drove between Banff and Jasper. This road is called the Icefields Parkway. Early in my RV travels I started meeting people and often RVers would say that the drive between Banff and Jasper is the most beautiful road they have ever traveled. I cannot disagree with this assessment. The photos below speak for themselves. It is simply one marvel after another. When you think there cannot possible be a more beautiful scene, you suddenly catch your breath again. God’s creativity is a marvel to behold.

Another view of Bow Lake with the sun breaking through in the background.

I love the light shinning on the mountain!

The mountains are beautiful surrounded by clouds!

I love this river flowing in the foreground with so much greenery!

The snow runoff produces gorgeous waterfalls!

The wispy clouds highlight the rugged mountains!

This mountain was in the shade, but moved into the sunlight just as I was driving by. I pulled over quickly to see the features in the mountain!

I love the contrast between the snow and the mountain structure!

This is Athabasca Falls. My campsite is quite near these falls.

These falls create quite a bit of mist. Take the photo quickly before the lens is covered by mist!

Flow baby flow creates quite a roar!

Water flows mightily with the snow melting!

It is soothing to stare into the falls!

The flow of water is intense!

Emerald Lake!!

I completely loved walking around Emerald Lake!!

I had a wonderful trip to see Emerald Lake! I left the campground before 6:30 am and drove for an hour in order to catch the morning light shining on the lake and the nearby mountains. I was absolutely beautiful! I was told that the minerals brought down by the glaciers produce the beautiful green color in lake.

This is my favorite photo of Emerald Lake.

I loved finding different viewpoints of such gorgeous scenery.

I was captivated by the colors of the green lake, blue sky, and white snow in the mountains!

It was a bit windy for a perfect reflection.

Boats could be rented to enjoy the lake.

As the sun went higher, the colors of the lake shifted to a deeper green color.

The nearby river also has the green color.

These rapids were powerful and impressive!

The Canadian scenery is incredible! I found myself just staring at so many beautiful areas!

This is “Natural Bridge” and has an impressive flow of water through it!

Moraine Lake and Lake Louise!!

Moraine Lake is simply spectacular!

In planning my trip through Canada and on to Alaska, one of my major bucket list items was to visit Moraine Lake and Lake Louise. I have heard that Moraine Lake is the most photographed lake in Canada. For weeks and weeks I have had a reservation of the shuttle system to see these two lakes. I woke up very excited today.

Truly beautiful! I need to visit again when all the ice is gone and it is a sunny day.

I first visited Moraine Lake. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, although it is June 8th, Moraine Lake was still mostly covered with ice. I guess I simply must schedule another visit later in the summer. However, despite the ice and the clouds, it was a gorgeous site to behold!

I enjoyed climbing around the trail and looking at different viewpoints of Lake Moraine.

I loved looking at those rugged mountains!

The color of the water where the ice has melted is awesome!

Lake Louise was certainly not a disappointment! Although it was sprinkling rain and cloudy on the mountain peaks, it was still beautiful to see.

Lake Louise was gorgeous!

The water was so clear!!

It is easy to understand why Lake Louise is so popular!

The huge mountains are beautiful!

I loved all the colors!

It has been said that the Canadian Rockies are prettier than the Rockies within the US. From what I have seen in Banff National Park, the Canadian Rockies are much more majestic. It is difficult to capture all the beauty of this area in a few photographs. Visiting here has truly inspired me!

The Canadian Rockies are amazing!

I love the morning light on the mountains!


Banff is a beautiful town with gorgeous trees and snow capped mountains in every direction!

I had a wonderful time visiting Banff today. It is a very beautiful town! It is inside the Banff National Park, the first Canadian national park. I have heard many comments from friends that have described this area as one of the most beautiful settings in all of north America.

This fellow was enjoying the cool rain while eating lunch. I noticed him while walking to Bow Falls.

Bow Falls is surprisingly loud! The force of the water was impressive! It was only a 20 minute walk from downtown Banff to reach the falls.

It was a chilly and rainy day to enjoy this beautiful area.

This seemed like my kinds of place, located in Banff!

The views from my campground, just outside of Banff, are amazing. I loved the mountain views in every direction.

This is looking in 180 degrees opposite from the previous photo. I loved this rugged mountain! It was very cloudy and I waited for the mountain to peek out among the low clouds.

This was looking 90 degrees from the previous two photos. I was startled with all the different beautiful mountain views from my campground!