Emerald Lake!!

I completely loved walking around Emerald Lake!!

I had a wonderful trip to see Emerald Lake! I left the campground before 6:30 am and drove for an hour in order to catch the morning light shining on the lake and the nearby mountains. I was absolutely beautiful! I was told that the minerals brought down by the glaciers produce the beautiful green color in lake.

This is my favorite photo of Emerald Lake.

I loved finding different viewpoints of such gorgeous scenery.

I was captivated by the colors of the green lake, blue sky, and white snow in the mountains!

It was a bit windy for a perfect reflection.

Boats could be rented to enjoy the lake.

As the sun went higher, the colors of the lake shifted to a deeper green color.

The nearby river also has the green color.

These rapids were powerful and impressive!

The Canadian scenery is incredible! I found myself just staring at so many beautiful areas!

This is “Natural Bridge” and has an impressive flow of water through it!