Moraine Lake and Lake Louise!!

Moraine Lake is simply spectacular!

In planning my trip through Canada and on to Alaska, one of my major bucket list items was to visit Moraine Lake and Lake Louise. I have heard that Moraine Lake is the most photographed lake in Canada. For weeks and weeks I have had a reservation of the shuttle system to see these two lakes. I woke up very excited today.

Truly beautiful! I need to visit again when all the ice is gone and it is a sunny day.

I first visited Moraine Lake. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, although it is June 8th, Moraine Lake was still mostly covered with ice. I guess I simply must schedule another visit later in the summer. However, despite the ice and the clouds, it was a gorgeous site to behold!

I enjoyed climbing around the trail and looking at different viewpoints of Lake Moraine.

I loved looking at those rugged mountains!

The color of the water where the ice has melted is awesome!

Lake Louise was certainly not a disappointment! Although it was sprinkling rain and cloudy on the mountain peaks, it was still beautiful to see.

Lake Louise was gorgeous!

The water was so clear!!

It is easy to understand why Lake Louise is so popular!

The huge mountains are beautiful!

I loved all the colors!

It has been said that the Canadian Rockies are prettier than the Rockies within the US. From what I have seen in Banff National Park, the Canadian Rockies are much more majestic. It is difficult to capture all the beauty of this area in a few photographs. Visiting here has truly inspired me!

The Canadian Rockies are amazing!

I love the morning light on the mountains!