Sign Post Forest!!

There are thousands of signs from all over the world posted here.

It is certainly quirky, but Watson Lake, Yukon is probably most famous for its Sign Post Forest. Started by a guy from the army while working on the Alaska Canada Highway, people from all over the world have added to the forest of sign posts. It was fun to walk through it and read so many signs people have hung. I met a couple from outside Toronto that wanted to hang a sign in honor of the guy’s father. His father traveled all over Canada as a trucker, but had yet to visit Sign Post Forest. They planned a trip to visit it, but the father died before they could begin the trip. So, the son and his wife traveled to Watson Lake so the son could hang a sign in honor of his father. I too a picture of him and his wife standing next to their newly hung sign and he took a photo of me standing under the Sign Post Forest sign. One of the fun things about traveling is to meet people and learn about their stories.

There is an amazing variety of signs posted here!

The next time I visit, I will be prepared and bring my own sign to hang!


I finally make it to Yukon!

I had a wonderful time traveling through Yukon to Watson Lake. What impressed me most was the wildlife I saw during the trip. I started driving before 6:00 am to see more wildlife and not have as many people on the road.

This guy was checking me out while pretending to look straight ahead. I loved the horns on these Thinhorn sheep.

I loved the texture of this guy’s horns!

They were curious about me and I was curious about them.

This guy moved to the front to protect the herd as I walked a bit closer to take their photo.

I think this is the first caribou I have ever seen in real life in the wild!

I yelled hello to him and he turned and gave me a brief stare.

Although I also saw a black bear and moose, they did not cooperate for photos. The moose scampered into the forest when I slowed the motorhome. While the black bear was not too visible until I had already passed him. I will still work to get photos of these to creatures.