Gaffney, South Carolina!

Charlene and Ed

South Carolina barbecue is very good!

Today was a big driving day. We started out in Richmond Hill, Georgia and went through most of South Carolina. Our destination was the Freightliner Service Center in Gaffney, South Carolina. We will have them perform the 2 year maintenance and look into some issues with the dash light bar. There are about 20 ports with electrical hookups for motorhomes at the Service Center. I will be taking a two-day class called “Camp Freightliner” and Charlene will be a tourist of the area.


The temperature is quite a bit cooler in the mountains of South Carolina! I got out my coat to wear with my shorts and t-shirt. After we setup the motorhome, we looked for an independent restaurant to try. We settled on a barbecue restaurant that had “South Carolina flavored barbecue sauce.” I am not an expert of different barbecue sauces, this local version seemed to have more of a vinegar flavor than most other sauces. The pulled pork was very tasty and I enjoyed the hush puppies too.

South Carolina

Strawberry cider

We found a local farm and bought some different jams and enjoyed tasting their peach cider.