Banff is a beautiful town with gorgeous trees and snow capped mountains in every direction!

I had a wonderful time visiting Banff today. It is a very beautiful town! It is inside the Banff National Park, the first Canadian national park. I have heard many comments from friends that have described this area as one of the most beautiful settings in all of north America.

This fellow was enjoying the cool rain while eating lunch. I noticed him while walking to Bow Falls.

Bow Falls is surprisingly loud! The force of the water was impressive! It was only a 20 minute walk from downtown Banff to reach the falls.

It was a chilly and rainy day to enjoy this beautiful area.

This seemed like my kinds of place, located in Banff!

The views from my campground, just outside of Banff, are amazing. I loved the mountain views in every direction.

This is looking in 180 degrees opposite from the previous photo. I loved this rugged mountain! It was very cloudy and I waited for the mountain to peek out among the low clouds.

This was looking 90 degrees from the previous two photos. I was startled with all the different beautiful mountain views from my campground!