Church Rock, New Mexico


Red Rock Park was beautiful! I had fun riding around inside their rodeo arena!


The red rocks and storm clouds were spectacular!

I had a wonderful time visiting Red Rock Park! It has beautiful red rocks and reminds me of both Kanab, Utah and Sedona, Arizona. Mountain bikes were welcome on the trails, so I rode all over the area. There were steps on the two trails I tried, so I rode on the main area around the campground.


Apparently, this park used to be owned by the State of New Mexico, but is now owned by the city of Gallup. For $20, I had a 50 amp site with water in a gorgeous area! The only negative aspect was all the sites were sandy. I tried to minimize tracking sand into the motorhome.


It was funny, but the tiny Post Office for Church Rock was right next to the campground.


This was a cute Post Office!

I loved the beauty of the area!



Flagstaff, Arizona


I absolutely love the combination plates at La Fonda! It has always been my favorite restaurant in Flagstaff.

I love visiting Flagstaff! Normally cool, the high temperatures were in the 90s, while it was 115 to 119 in Phoenix! However, it still cooled down very nicely in the evening!

My favorite restaurant in Flagstaff is La Fonda. I absolutely love their combination plates. Yummy!



I miss my Mom. She truly was a fantastic wife, mother, and friend!


I miss talking with my father. I admired all of his common sense.

It always touches my heart to go to the Flagstaff cemetery and visit my parents’ graves. It is a time for reflection, thinking about the future, and being thankful for such wonderful memories of my parents. I know my parents would be so proud of Amy and John and the lives they have built!


I had fun visiting my old elementary school! I loved attending this school!

I had a chance to visit my old elementary school! I really enjoyed Sechrist School and still have fantastic memories of my teachers and classmates. I was quite fortunate to attend such an excellent school.


Finding the Flagstaff Folk Festival was an unexpected surprise. I loved all the guitars!

A special treat was attending the Flagstaff Folk Festival! There were four venues going with different groups playing for about 30 minutes each. I moved around between the different groups and heard all kinds of instruments and many different singers. It was wonderful. It started raining during the afternoon. It was fantastic to listen to people playing their guitars, with the sound of the rain on the roof and the wonderful smell of the rain coming in through the door. It was a fantastic time!


The Secret Handshake was the name of this group. They were fantastic and everyone loved listening to them play and sing!

The group Secret Handshake was my favorite. They play weekly in Flagstaff and seem to have quite a following. I loved their music.


Holbrook, Arizona


I loved this beautiful Jeep!!

One of the fun things about visiting small towns is the unexpected discoveries along the way. I was talking with the lady in the office of the RV park enjoying their coffee and muffins. She told me there was a car show going on and that the whole town would turn out to attend. I had fun seeing the awesome Jeep and other vehicles.


This Holbrook dinosaur stole my hat and ate my arm!



I drove all the way from Amarillo the previous day.

One of the most fun aspects was the live bands over the course of the afternoon. They keep everyone entertained and all the feet were tapping. It was very fun and quite unexpected experience!


These cute girls were dressed up from the 1950s and received several awards.

Hereford, Texas


I have always loved the colors of the thistles!


Horses are beautiful creatures!

I went on a nice drive from Canyon, Texas west through Hereford and on to Clovis, New Mexico. It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed seeing all the ranches, cattle, and agriculture fields. Some communities seemed to be thriving and others seems a little bleak.


These two trains going in opposite directions were VERY LOUD and the ground was shaking as they roared through town!

I stopped several times along the route to take some photos. One of my favorite stops was to enjoy the thistles in bloom and the horses grazing in the fields.


Although I saw quite a few cattle, I did not know that Hereford, Texas was the beef capital of the world!


For Memorial Day weekend, the flags looked very colorful and nice!

I was impressed with the power and sound of the trains going through towns. Two trains were passing each other during the photo of me and it was LOUD!


The trains move quickly through town!


Lake MacKenzie


It was a beautiful day to see Lake MacKenzie!


Gorgeous clouds on a beautiful day!

I decided to go in a new direction today. I went south to Tulia and then turned west near Silverton, Texas. I discovered a new lake in the Texas panhandle area. It was a nice drive and I enjoyed seeing a new campground and lake. The lake is not huge, but it was less than an hours drive from Canyon.

I met several people along the edge of the bank. Their advice was to go to Lake Meredith if you wanted to drive a boat. However, they said if you wanted to fish, you should come to Lake MacKenzie. They showed me some photos on their phones of fish they had caught earlier in the day.


This funny sign was inside the store selling fishing supplies and snacks.


Sunset Hike!

Palo Duro-3

This was a fun hike that ended in total darkness!

Last night I went on a very nice sunset hike in Palo Duro Canyon! It seemed like there were at least 70 people on the hike. The group varied from young elementary aged children to couples quite a bit older than me. Apparently the trail we hiked was relatively new and will ultimately extend for 9 miles. Our hike was 2 miles long and was a terrific length for a hike that ended in total darkness.

Palo Duro-1

This was a beautiful background for the marriage proposal!

When the park ranger guiding us stopped at the first stop to rest, a guy suddenly asked if he could have everyone’s attention. I said that he wanted to ask his best friend to marry him. He got down on one knee and opened a jeweler box. The lady was embarrassed, but very happy and grinning from ear to ear. She said yes and everyone clapped with excitement. It was beautiful to see a couple sharing love with the background of the setting sun on the orange rocks. Simply spectacular!

Palo Duro-2

The sunset across the top of the canyon was beautiful!

I loved seeing the orange rocks highlighted by the setting sun. I also enjoyed seeing the sunset across the edge of the canyon.

Texas Pecans!


I love pecans!

While driving through Texas, one of the treats is to find a local store that sells pecans. I love nuts and pecans are one of my favorite nuts. I stopped and sampled different chocolate covered pecans as well as cinnamon flavored and praline flavored pecans. I love them all!