Woodford Reserve and Four Roses Distilleries




Woodford Reserve is a very famous distillery and I needed to drive near Lexington to reach it. The windy, narrow, country roads were surprising. However, I thoroughly enjoyed driving through horse farms to reach the distillery.


I looked through the gift shop and purchased a 30ml taste of straight (“neat”) malt whiskey. It was very flavorful and I enjoyed sipping on it as I walked through their visitor area. The grounds of Woodford Reserve are gorgeous!



This is a map of some of the most well-known distilleries on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail! I quickly gave up all hope of visiting all of them! There are too many to sample!

I next drove to Four Roses Distillery. This distillery is now owned by the Japanese company Kirin. From my time in Japan, I remember that whiskey is very popular there. I enjoyed seeing some of the products in the gift shop. I also bought a taste of their 3 products. I think these products are going to be quite popular as I enjoyed them very much. I think I liked their “small batch” product the best.


A much smaller distillery, but they had great products!


Small Batch was my favorite product!


This is an old prescription prescribing Four Roses!




Churchill Downs!


I love visiting Churchill Downs!!

Louisville, Kentucky is famous for many things. Besides whiskey, probably the most famous is Churchill Downs where the Kentucky Derby is run. The timing of my visit here was very special. The Belmont Stakes was run yesterday and Justify was the horse that won and therefore he won the Triple Crown this year! I did not know until after the race was over that Justify is trained at Churchill Downs and he is supposed to make it back to Louisville tomorrow! It was fun to visit Churchill Downs and feel the excitement of everyone that Justify won the Triple Crown.


Jim Beam Distillery


Jim Beam had the best gift shop of any distillery!


I had a surprisingly sentimental visit to the Jim Beam Distillery. This was the drink my Dad preferred. Seeing all the Jim Beam logos and products made me miss my parents and think about sitting in the backyard in Flagstaff as I was growing up and Dad you open up a bottle of Jim Beam. Special memories.


There were a large number of fun products and clothing in the gift shop!


Jim Beam had a broad range of products!

I was surprised at the number of Jim Beam products that have been developed. I asked several people in the gift shop which product they preferred, and everyone game me a different answer. I guess it is good they have expanded product development. The Double Oak product seems to be quite popular.


After visiting Jim Beam, I drove to a much smaller distillery called Boundary Oak. What was interesting about this distillery is that they worked with the Patton Museum and developed the whiskey that Patton put together and made famous.




This was the product created using Patton’s recipe.


Wild Turkey Distillery!


I had a wonderful time on the Wild Turkey Distillery tour!


I arrived in Louisville, Kentucky during the late morning today. Once I setup the motorhome, I got online and looked distillery tours. Wild Turkey caught my attention, so I paid for a tour ticket, jumped in the Jeep, and drove about an hour to their distillery.



I loved the Wild Turkey tour! It was very informative about how they make their bourbon, how different Wild Turkey products were developed, and the most fun was the whiskey tasting of 5 products at the end of the tour.




These are the barrels that are stored for years for the aging process needed for the bourbon. This is where the “magic” happens!



This is the view from my RV park! Awesome!


I entered the state of Indiana as I headed east from St. Louis. It is fun to cross into a new state in the motorhome. There are rolling hills filled with greenery of various crops. I stopped at Horseshoe Bend RV Campground in Leavenworth, Indiana.


One fun aspect is that the RV park is right on the Ohio river. The park has a boat ramp this gives ready access to the water. For someone that has lived most of their life in a desert, it is wonderful to be next to a flowing river. After setting up the motorhome, I jumped in the Jeep and drove up and down the country road to see different views of the river. The scenery was spectacular!


I loved this barn!


This home has character!

Leavenworth is a very small town. I found Stephenson’s General Store as the place to “hang out” in town. They sold everything imaginable, including sandwiches and drinks, so I bought lunch and wandered throughout the store.


This was a fun store! They sold everything imaginable!

Kansas City Royals


George Brett was a great player for the Royals back when I lived in Kansas City.


Fountains are famous throughout Kansas City, so it is appropriate that they are an important part of the baseball stadium!


Friends I met at the RV rally invited me to join them at the baseball game!

We bought tickets to watch the Kansas City Royals play the Oakland Athletics. Although I watched one spring training game, this is the first time I attended a major league baseball game in years. The current stadium is newer from when I lived in Kansas City. We arrived early enough so we could walk all around the stadium. The famous fountains are beautiful!



Kansas City, Missouri



Satchel Paige got his start in the American Negro league baseball and made it into Major League Baseball.

Today I drove from Sedalia to Independence, Missouri with two friends (Deb and Jim) I met at the Escapade. We left in a rain storm but had beautiful weather when we arrived in Independence. We had a very busy day visiting several famous areas in town.


We first went to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. I was not sure I would find it interesting, but I thought it was extremely fascinating. I loved learning about the history and some of the famous players who made it into the major leagues.


This is a wonderful painting in the museum.



The American Jazz Museum was right next door to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, so we visited it too. I do not know much about music, but it was interesting to learn about melody, harmony, tempo, etc. and how jazz developed. Louis Armstrong was highlighted along with many other musicians.




We next visited an open jam session place called Knuckleheads Saloon. One band would play a few songs and then another band would come up and replace them. It was very nice to listen to live music from local musicians!



The open jam session was wonderful! I loved all the different bands!



After visiting these museums, we were hungry. I told Deb and Jim about Arthur Bryant’s BBQ and Gate’s BBQ. We found Arthur Bryant’s very close to where we were at, so that is where we went. Inside were photos of Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, John McCain, and others eating at the restaurant.