Lower Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend!!


Horseshoe Bend was beautiful to see as the sun was setting with storm clouds in the distance!

I had a wonderful trip to Page, Arizona with my friends Dan and Rebecca and their son Jonathan. We first stopped by Horseshoe Bend to see it before the sun went down. The following morning we visited Horseshoe Bend again to see if we could find better light for photos.


The following morning, there was beautiful sun peeking through the clouds to highlight the rock formation!


It was very nice to enjoy such wonderful scenery!

I especially enjoyed seeing Lower Antelope Canyon! I had tried to see it last spring but ran into mechanical problems and could not make my reservation. It was especially rewarding to see such interesting rock formations and see how the light highlighted the shape and surface of the sandstone.


Our tour guide took this photo of me with my cell phone. It was spectacular to see such beautiful rock formations!


See the rock formation of the woman with her hair blowing behind her? I think this was my favorite rock formation!


I was so amazed to see the formations where the running water has created such beautiful formations!

It was very inspiring to walk through so many beautiful and unique rock formations.


See the seahorse? Our tour guide showed me this as we were near the exit of Lower Antelope Canyon.


We walked along the pathway at the bottom of this photo and simply stared at the gorgeous rock formations all around us!


I could not get enough of seeing all the unusual rock formations!


I loved all the shapes and colors in the rock formations throughout Lower Antelope Canyon!


Our tour guide had fun with my cell phone with this photo!


Water is certainly a powerful force!!


The rocks here remind me of waves, but it is hard rock!


I just had to stare at the curves and shapes in the rock walls!


I say hooray for being able to visit Lower Antelope Canyon!!


The seem to be no end to the amazing rock formations!!


Rugged and spectacular! Truly a marvel of God’s creativity!!


I marveled over and over while walking on the trail at the bottom at the huge rock formations all around me!!

I look forward to visiting other slot canyons in the future!!