New Beginnings!

New motorhome

We are excited to be the new owners of this motorhome! I love going on RV trips!

It is a time for new beginnings! After much thought and consideration, we bought a new-to-us (i.e. used) motorhome. There was much we loved about our previous large class A diesel pusher. However, it was so large that it was difficult to maneuver and did not lend itself to going into the forest or out into the desert. It was mainly a motorhome for RV parks and we wanted more flexibility.

This new motorhome is a class C, and almost half the size of our previous coach. There is much less storage space, a smaller generator, smaller water tanks, but it is so much more maneuverable! It is a Mercedes-Benz chassis and then Winnebago built a motorhome on the top. It is super easy to drive and has some nice Mercedes-Benz safety features. None of that was on our previous motorhome.

Inside there is plenty of room for two adults. There is a bed over the cab that seems to be a perfect spot for grandsons to sleep. I think Luke and David could be invited to join us on some camping trips!!

With the covid 19 pandemic, people have been buying RVs like crazy. Everything from trailers to motorhomes has been selling. It makes sense that if people want to be able to be socially-distant as a family, be outdoors where it is safer than indoors, and get out of “lock-down” in the house, many people have turned to renting or buying some type of RV.

We had picked out this model of RV and I have been searching nationwide to find one. I made an offer on a coach in Florida, only to be told by the seller that he had accepted an offer a few hours before I contacted him. I tried buying one in Arizona and as we were working out the purchase details, I was told that it had just been sold. I found our current motorhome available in Ohio. I made an offer and the couple accepted it. They had just bought it new in January 2020. They had never even taken a shower in it. They had only used it for brief weekend trips and it only had 2,000 miles on the odemeter. The biggest disadvantage was that it was located in Ohio.

I had to fly to Columbus, Ohio, take an Uber ride 45 miles north to meet the sellers at the county motor vehicle license office. It was a big rush to get everything finished before the state offices closed, but we got it done and now we are the new owners of a nice motorhome. I am going to wander around the area before working my was back to Texas. It will be interesting to see what Luke thinks about the inside of the motorhome.