Amish Ohio!

Horse and buggy

Amish country means seeing many horse and buggies, great food, and very nice people!

Since I have never been to norther Ohio, I decided to drive around a learn about the area. Heading north and east I found the “Amish Byway” and enjoyed driving through the rural countryside. The land seems to be quite fertile with crops everywhere. Corn fields were common. The meandering roads were narrow, but I enjoyed taking my time seeing all the greenery and rolling hills.

Blueberries local

Ohio blueberries taste wonderful. They are especially great with oatmeal!!

I stopped at a local vender selling fruits and vegetables. I bought a couple of zucchini that were a great snack while driving.

Blueberries Michigan

I thought the Michigan blueberries were excellent as well!

I also learned about blueberries. At first I picked up some Michigan blueberries. However, I was informed that the local blueberries tasted better, so I quickly switched my purchase to buying the local blueberries instead. Actually, I think I would have thoroughly enjoyed either one, both seemed excellent to me.

Purchases are cash only. Credit card processing does not seem to be part of the culture.

Horses only

Horse and buggies need a place to park too!!

I stopped at a small town and bought lunch. It was interesting to see the sign for horses only. The Amish need a place to park their horse and buggies.

While driving, it was fun to see the Amish men wearing straw hats and beards. The Amish women wore bonnets and long dresses. I could not take photos while driving, but I hope to get some photos before leaving the area.

I spent the night at a Elks lodge near Cleveland. It was fun because as I was reading a book on my Kindle, three deer casually walked to the motorhome. They were on their was to get a drink at the creek next to me. I tried to get a photo, but they ran away when they saw me move to grab my phone. Hopefully, they will return. Some pleasures are simple and nice. Unexpectedly seeing deer is one of those simple pleasures in life.