Titanic, Illusionist, and Jonah!

Lion and lamb statue outside the production of Jonah.

Lion and lamb statue outside the production of Jonah.

Today was an extremely busy day! We scheduled 3 very different activities. Unfortunately, none of them allowed photography. We started the day with the Titanic Museum. This was an extremely well-done museum about the Titanic ship and the tragedy when it sank. We spent 2 hours at the museum and easily could have spent more time learning all kinds of details about the ship, the people, and the details after it hit the iceberg. We highly recommend this museum!

After grabbing a quick lunch, we headed to the show by the illusionist Rick Thomas. Rick used to have a show for 15 years in Las Vegas, but he moved to Branson a couple of years ago. His show was extremely impressive. It amazed us trying to figure out how he performed so many magic tricks. He did many things to get the audience involved. It is easy to understand why this show is so highly rated.

After dinner, we headed to the production of Jonah. When I first entered Missouri (in Rock Port), the women at the tourist center told me that Jonah was highly rated and recommended show. Once we arrived in Branson, several people told us they considered the Jonah production as one of the top shows in Branson. We fully agree! It was a fantastic production and amazing to watch the huge fish swim out over the audience, the power of Nineveh, and the desire of God to show mercy. All of the activities today were fantastic, but Jonah was particularly elaborate and awe inspiring.