Kansas City, Missouri



Satchel Paige got his start in the American Negro league baseball and made it into Major League Baseball.

Today I drove from Sedalia to Independence, Missouri with two friends (Deb and Jim) I met at the Escapade. We left in a rain storm but had beautiful weather when we arrived in Independence. We had a very busy day visiting several famous areas in town.


We first went to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. I was not sure I would find it interesting, but I thought it was extremely fascinating. I loved learning about the history and some of the famous players who made it into the major leagues.


This is a wonderful painting in the museum.



The American Jazz Museum was right next door to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, so we visited it too. I do not know much about music, but it was interesting to learn about melody, harmony, tempo, etc. and how jazz developed. Louis Armstrong was highlighted along with many other musicians.




We next visited an open jam session place called Knuckleheads Saloon. One band would play a few songs and then another band would come up and replace them. It was very nice to listen to live music from local musicians!



The open jam session was wonderful! I loved all the different bands!



After visiting these museums, we were hungry. I told Deb and Jim about Arthur Bryant’s BBQ and Gate’s BBQ. We found Arthur Bryant’s very close to where we were at, so that is where we went. Inside were photos of Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, John McCain, and others eating at the restaurant.