Tybee Island!

Tybee Island-5

Charlene and I absolutely loved the white beaches of Tybee Island!

Today we discovered the beautiful white beaches of Tybee Island. This is the beach near Savannah, Georgia. We drove to Tybee Island and our first stop was a local restaurant called The Sundae Café. Charlene ordered the fried chicken special and I had the salmon BLT sandwich. These were absolutely wonderful meals! One of our favorite things to do when traveling is discover local independent restaurants were the “locals” like to go. The Sundae Café certainly meets that criteria! Our meals were fantastic. It was nice to close out our time in Savannah with such a wonderful mean and then spending time on such a beautiful beach! This is definitely on our list for a return visit some time in the future!


Tybee Island-1

Charlene really enjoyed the feel of the Atlantic Ocean. Too cold for swimming, but quite refreshing for March 1st.

We wrote messages in the sand to some of our favorite people!


Tybee Island-10

The scenes around the beach were spectacular!

Tybee Island-7

Footprints in the sand.

Tybee Island-8

I was captivated by the textures in the sand.

Tybee Island-9

Tybee Island-6


Enjoying Savannah!

Charlene and Ed

Charlene and I loved the pralines and “gophers!”

historic steps

Narrow, uneven steps make sightseeing near the Savannah River a memorable experience!

Charlene and I had a very nice time today enjoying shops in Savannah. One of the special treats was going to the Savannah Candy store and tasted pralines and “gophers.” They were “knock your socks off sweet,” but wonderful to enjoy! The pralines are sold by weight since they are so big.

Buy anything

For dinner we ate with Charlene’s previous co-worker back in Tucson from about 10 years ago. We had a wonderful time learning about Savannah and enjoying a wonderful mean. Charlene ordered the duck and I had pork cheek. I have never heard about pork cheek before, but it was a wonderful piece of meat.

sarcasm t shirt

We loved this t-shirt!

Dog beers

Spanish Moss, Gorgeous Squares, and Interesting People

Savannah Georgia-11

I really enjoyed all the “squares” throughout downtown Savannah!

Savannah Georgia-8


Today was a wonderful day to enjoy Savannah, Georgia! It was a sunny day with the high of 64 degrees. The city is well known for all the beautiful “squares” filled with fountains, trees, and flowers. Throughout downtown, every couple of streets, there is another square to enjoy. Savannah is truly a spectacular city!

Savannah Georgia-10


For lunch I had a shrimp po’boy sandwich. It was a new experience and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I also really enjoyed walking along all the shops next to the Savannah River. Pralines and specialty peanut products were everywhere.


Savannah Georgia-1

The peanuts in Georgia are famous!

Savannah Georgia-3

Savannah Georgia-2

Colorful dog ties were available for purchase.

My favorite site today was visiting the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. It was a very beautiful church. The first parish was established on the site in the late 1700s. The current church was dedicated in 1876 and has had a couple of restorations to keep it beautiful. It was amazing to see the detail in the stained glass.

Savannah Georgia-7

Visiting Savannah

Paula Dean and me

Paula Deen was friendly and said hello to me!

Today we had a very fun day touring Savannah and the “deep South.” We started the day going to Paula Deen’s restaurant called The Lady & Sons. Charlene and I both decided to have the lunch buffet and not order off the menu. Since Paula Deen is such a famous cook, I had high expectations. We were not disappointed! The fried chicken was wonderful! I especially loved the flavorful cornbread and pulled pork. I tried to sample almost all the entries. There was also a store next to the restaurant and we had fun looking at all her cookbooks and other items.



taking photo

Inadvertent self-portrait taking a picture of Paula Deen’s restaurant.

We walked around downtown and decided to take a trolley tour of Savannah. We enjoyed seeing the port and learning how important Savannah was in shipping US-grown cotton to England. We found the first school in Savannah at the Massie Heritage Center. The popular tourist thing to do was have your photo taken wearing the classroom dunce cap.

dunce cap 1st school

We were surprised to learn the famous Christian pastor from England lived in Savannah in 1736 and 1737. One of the squares was dedicated to him.

John Wesley

Savannah Georgia!


There were quite a few swans in the pond next to the campground.

We drove from Tallahassee, Florida to Savannah Georgia today. There was a big storm moving through the South during the night. We went to sleep with a tornado watch and risk of a severe storm between 1:00 am and sunrise. It turned out the storm was intense at 3:11 am and lasted only a couple of hours. By sunrise, the sun was out with only a few clouds. There was water along the road all the way through Florida and Georgia.


I had a conference call scheduled mid-way on the drive, so we pulled into a truck stop so I could make the call. After the 30 minute call, we pulled back on the freeway and completed the trip to Savannah.


The residual storm here in Georgia was mainly wind and it finished raining in the afternoon. We setup camp and I started laundry. While walking around the campground I found there was a pond with quite a few swans! While walking around, I met couple that had two Labrador Retrievers. They said the two dogs traveled well, but needed breaks to walk around every few hours.