Spanish Moss, Gorgeous Squares, and Interesting People

Savannah Georgia-11

I really enjoyed all the “squares” throughout downtown Savannah!

Savannah Georgia-8


Today was a wonderful day to enjoy Savannah, Georgia! It was a sunny day with the high of 64 degrees. The city is well known for all the beautiful “squares” filled with fountains, trees, and flowers. Throughout downtown, every couple of streets, there is another square to enjoy. Savannah is truly a spectacular city!

Savannah Georgia-10


For lunch I had a shrimp po’boy sandwich. It was a new experience and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I also really enjoyed walking along all the shops next to the Savannah River. Pralines and specialty peanut products were everywhere.


Savannah Georgia-1

The peanuts in Georgia are famous!

Savannah Georgia-3

Savannah Georgia-2

Colorful dog ties were available for purchase.

My favorite site today was visiting the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. It was a very beautiful church. The first parish was established on the site in the late 1700s. The current church was dedicated in 1876 and has had a couple of restorations to keep it beautiful. It was amazing to see the detail in the stained glass.

Savannah Georgia-7