Enjoying Savannah!

Charlene and Ed

Charlene and I loved the pralines and “gophers!”

historic steps

Narrow, uneven steps make sightseeing near the Savannah River a memorable experience!

Charlene and I had a very nice time today enjoying shops in Savannah. One of the special treats was going to the Savannah Candy store and tasted pralines and “gophers.” They were “knock your socks off sweet,” but wonderful to enjoy! The pralines are sold by weight since they are so big.

Buy anything

For dinner we ate with Charlene’s previous co-worker back in Tucson from about 10 years ago. We had a wonderful time learning about Savannah and enjoying a wonderful mean. Charlene ordered the duck and I had pork cheek. I have never heard about pork cheek before, but it was a wonderful piece of meat.

sarcasm t shirt

We loved this t-shirt!

Dog beers