Savannah Georgia!


There were quite a few swans in the pond next to the campground.

We drove from Tallahassee, Florida to Savannah Georgia today. There was a big storm moving through the South during the night. We went to sleep with a tornado watch and risk of a severe storm between 1:00 am and sunrise. It turned out the storm was intense at 3:11 am and lasted only a couple of hours. By sunrise, the sun was out with only a few clouds. There was water along the road all the way through Florida and Georgia.


I had a conference call scheduled mid-way on the drive, so we pulled into a truck stop so I could make the call. After the 30 minute call, we pulled back on the freeway and completed the trip to Savannah.


The residual storm here in Georgia was mainly wind and it finished raining in the afternoon. We setup camp and I started laundry. While walking around the campground I found there was a pond with quite a few swans! While walking around, I met couple that had two Labrador Retrievers. They said the two dogs traveled well, but needed breaks to walk around every few hours.