Sunset Hike!

Palo Duro-3

This was a fun hike that ended in total darkness!

Last night I went on a very nice sunset hike in Palo Duro Canyon! It seemed like there were at least 70 people on the hike. The group varied from young elementary aged children to couples quite a bit older than me. Apparently the trail we hiked was relatively new and will ultimately extend for 9 miles. Our hike was 2 miles long and was a terrific length for a hike that ended in total darkness.

Palo Duro-1

This was a beautiful background for the marriage proposal!

When the park ranger guiding us stopped at the first stop to rest, a guy suddenly asked if he could have everyone’s attention. I said that he wanted to ask his best friend to marry him. He got down on one knee and opened a jeweler box. The lady was embarrassed, but very happy and grinning from ear to ear. She said yes and everyone clapped with excitement. It was beautiful to see a couple sharing love with the background of the setting sun on the orange rocks. Simply spectacular!

Palo Duro-2

The sunset across the top of the canyon was beautiful!

I loved seeing the orange rocks highlighted by the setting sun. I also enjoyed seeing the sunset across the edge of the canyon.

Wildcat Bluff Nature Center

Wildcat Bluff-4

What a beautiful day for a hike!!

Wildcat Bluff-1


Today was a beautiful day to go on a hike in the Wildcat Bluff Nature Center! The temperature was in the 70s with hardly any wind. It was a gorgeous day!

Wildcat Bluff-9

This lizard patiently waited and posed for his photo!

The unexpected delight was finding a lizard on the top of a post. He patiently waited as I zoomed in and focused on his scales.

Wildcat Bluff-6

Wildcat Bluff-5

Wildcat Bluff-2


I enjoyed taking my camera and it was fun to focus on many of the small flowers opening up for springtime. I need to return and hike on more of the different trails.

Wildcat Bluff-7

Wildcat Bluff-3

Wildcat Bluff-8

Old McDonald had a Farm

Farm equip-5

This is a classic and beautiful scene in west Texas.

Farm equip-7

I love this beautiful old truck! It makes me wonder where it has been driven and what work it has aided.

Farm equip-6

Barbed wire fences retain animals and allow the wind to intensely blow through them. Yes, those spikes are sharp!

Today was a fun day to get outdoors and take some photos. I found some old farm equipment near Canyon, Texas and they sort of captivated me to see their weathered condition and colors. It was a cloudy day so the lighting was soft and I enjoyed being outside. The wind was gusty, but the temperature was not too cold and it was pleasant to walk around.

Farm equip-4

This rustic chain tells a story agriculture work in west Texas.

Farm equip-2

I can just imagine these weathered gears turning!

Farm equip-1

Farm equip-3

Imagine the sound of these gears and tires churning through a field!


Texas Air and Space Museum!


It was amazing to crawl through a tunnel to get to the front of the plane and man the gun!

Today was a special treat! At the Texas Air and Space Museum was a PBJ-11 Marine (version of the B-25 Mitchell) that was flown in from California and would be in Amarillo for only three days. The event was commemorating the 75th Anniversary of Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle’s historic raid over Japan on April 18, 1942 in a B-25 Mitchell.



It was incredibly impressive because we were allowed to climb around inside the plane and talk with people that had worked on its restoration. All the wiring has been replaced along with many, many different plane parts.



In the center of the plane I was able to see how the guns maneuvered!

I was allowed to sit on the seats with some of the machine guns. It seems like it would be very difficult to hit anything with these guns! I was also allowed to climb through a fairly tight tunnel to get to the front of the plane and man one of the guns. It was great to listen to the people that flew in the plane from California to Amarillo. This was a very impressive tourist discovery!


This helicopter was used as part of a mash unit and is part of the Texas Air and Space Museum.


Birthday Cake!


Unbelievably wonderful birthday cake!

It is April, so it is my birthday month and I was able to celebrate with a wonderful cake while in Amarillo, Texas.


The Rocky Road cake from Ruffled Cup was incredibly wonderful to enjoy!


Palo Duro Canyon


I made it to the lighthouse!


The lighthouse was an impressive structure

Today I went on a beautiful hike with Neil and John. It rained last night, so it was nice and cool in the morning. The color of the red rocks within the Texas state park remind me of southern Utah. We went on a 6 mile round trip hike to Lighthouse. The scenery was spectacular. Quite a few people rode mountain bikes along the trail too. I will need to try that in the future.


The area is so beautiful!



Neil was leading the way and well prepared with water and snacks!


Palo Duro Canyon is a very beautiful area!


Wonderful Barbeque!


It has been a while since I have been able to enjoy some fantastic Texas barbeque, so I looked for some of the best places in Amarillo. I first tried going to my favorite place, Spicy Mikes. However, Spicy Mikes had a fire and has not yet reopened. I looked on Google Maps and picked Tyler’s Barbeque. It is highly regarded by the “barbeque experts” and I have really enjoyed it on previous visits.


As I entered the door at 6:00 pm on Friday evening, a family of four came in right behind me. The owner came out and said “You folks are the last ones to eat. We have sold out of our food.” He put a big sign on the door that said “Sold Out.” I was quite amazed. It was barely early evening on a Friday night and they were out of meat. When I ordered, the nice lady told me they had pulled pork and brisket remaining, but there were completely out of ribs and sausage. That was okay by me as pulled pork is my favorite barbequed meat.


The meat was perfect and their barbecue sauce was fantastic! I loved it! Their beans were also great too! It was a wonderful meal that I enjoyed tremendously! I took my time eating and was the last customer to leave the restaurant. I love Texas barbeque!


Jake takes on the Big Texan!


One of the famous landmarks in Amarillo is the Big Texan restaurant. There are signs promoting if for hundreds of miles in different directions. It is a busy place and serves nice food.




Today, Jake visited the Big Texan and saw the many aspects to the restaurant. We had a chance to take photos all around.




Jake Experiences Cadillac Ranch!


We enjoyed being with Jake at Cadillac Ranch.

Today we were able to buy some spray paint and take Jake to Cadillac Ranch, one of the strange, but quite famous landmarks in Amarillo.



Jake had fun writing his name, and it was perfectly okay to use spray paint on someone’s car!

Jake had fun writing his name and other key people in his life!



Jake certainly loves his Mom!


Jake loved sending a message to his Dad too!


Jake loved sending a hello to sister Macy!


Jake sent a hello to brother Ben too!

In true Cadillac Ranch fashion, when finished spray painting on the cars, you pass your remaining spray paint to other visitors who did know to bring any paint. It brings out the playfulness in everyone when you are able to legitimately paint cars with whatever colors or saying your heart desires.


Jake and I had a fun disagreement about which way the sign was pointing!

It’s Snowing!


The big beautiful snowflakes were gorgeous!

This morning we woke up to a couple of inches of snow on the ground in Amarillo! On our way to church, it started snowing nice big flakes. After church, it really started coming down! It was very beautiful and refreshing!