Wonderful Barbeque!


It has been a while since I have been able to enjoy some fantastic Texas barbeque, so I looked for some of the best places in Amarillo. I first tried going to my favorite place, Spicy Mikes. However, Spicy Mikes had a fire and has not yet reopened. I looked on Google Maps and picked Tyler’s Barbeque. It is highly regarded by the “barbeque experts” and I have really enjoyed it on previous visits.


As I entered the door at 6:00 pm on Friday evening, a family of four came in right behind me. The owner came out and said “You folks are the last ones to eat. We have sold out of our food.” He put a big sign on the door that said “Sold Out.” I was quite amazed. It was barely early evening on a Friday night and they were out of meat. When I ordered, the nice lady told me they had pulled pork and brisket remaining, but there were completely out of ribs and sausage. That was okay by me as pulled pork is my favorite barbequed meat.


The meat was perfect and their barbecue sauce was fantastic! I loved it! Their beans were also great too! It was a wonderful meal that I enjoyed tremendously! I took my time eating and was the last customer to leave the restaurant. I love Texas barbeque!