Old McDonald had a Farm

Farm equip-5

This is a classic and beautiful scene in west Texas.

Farm equip-7

I love this beautiful old truck! It makes me wonder where it has been driven and what work it has aided.

Farm equip-6

Barbed wire fences retain animals and allow the wind to intensely blow through them. Yes, those spikes are sharp!

Today was a fun day to get outdoors and take some photos. I found some old farm equipment near Canyon, Texas and they sort of captivated me to see their weathered condition and colors. It was a cloudy day so the lighting was soft and I enjoyed being outside. The wind was gusty, but the temperature was not too cold and it was pleasant to walk around.

Farm equip-4

This rustic chain tells a story agriculture work in west Texas.

Farm equip-2

I can just imagine these weathered gears turning!

Farm equip-1

Farm equip-3

Imagine the sound of these gears and tires churning through a field!