Wildcat Bluff Nature Center

Wildcat Bluff-4

What a beautiful day for a hike!!

Wildcat Bluff-1


Today was a beautiful day to go on a hike in the Wildcat Bluff Nature Center! The temperature was in the 70s with hardly any wind. It was a gorgeous day!

Wildcat Bluff-9

This lizard patiently waited and posed for his photo!

The unexpected delight was finding a lizard on the top of a post. He patiently waited as I zoomed in and focused on his scales.

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Wildcat Bluff-5

Wildcat Bluff-2


I enjoyed taking my camera and it was fun to focus on many of the small flowers opening up for springtime. I need to return and hike on more of the different trails.

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Wildcat Bluff-3

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