Valdez, Alaska Lu-Lu Belle Boat Trip!!

It was very fun to take a trip on the Lu-Lu Belle because it was a much smaller boat and we were able to get within 0.5 mile of the Columbia Glacier!! It was very cold in the midst of the ice and cloudy weather. This glacier is a massive wall of ice. Several chucks fell into the water while we were there.

I was captivated by the blue icebergs floating along in the water. I liked the rays of sun shinning behind this iceberg.

All the blue colors are interesting in the midst of the fog and clouds!

As we came closer to the glaciers, more and more ice appeared in the water.

In the distance is another glacier slowly moving its way to the water. The fog and clouds give it an interesting setting.

This seal was happily enjoying himself on the ice with the glacier in the background.

What can I say? Alaska is simply amazing! It is such a blessing to see so many unique attributes of Alaska!

The massive wall of ice, from 0.5 miles away, is truly awesome!

We watched a section break loose and cause a ripple of a wave through the water.

These seals were enjoying a peaceful day sitting on the ice with this enormous glacier wall behind them.

The Lu-Lu Belle captain slowly maneuvered through the icebergs to see these amazing views of the glacier! The captain was ready with props for Christmas cards too!

On the boat trip, we also saw these sea lions relaxing on the beach!

I am not sure why they like to put their noses in the air, but the massive males weigh more than 1,000 pounds!