Bridal Vail Falls!!

I love all the waterfalls in Alaska!! Sometimes I feel like I am in Hawaii with all the waterfalls and green foliage. However, Alaska is a bit cooler!! I am not sure it has reached 56 degrees for a high temperature over the previous 4 days!!

It is not uncommon to see a series (like 3 in this photo) of waterfalls. Beautiful!!

This is horsetail falls, near Valdez, Alaska. It is nice to listen to the falls!

This photo is to remind me that I need to be careful at all times. I slept here a couple of nights ago and had a very peaceful evening. I returned tonight and started talking with the fellow with the red truck. He told me that a couple with motorhome “sort of like yours” was camped where he is and a bear visited him at 5:30 am this morning and wanted inside!! Apparently, they had made their garbage ready to be thrown away and left it just inside the motorhome door. They think the bear could smell their garbage through the edge of the door and he wanted inside! The bear scratched the door and tore the window screen trying to get inside. The two people inside were certainly scared!! I looked at the situation and decided to opt for a different location. I probably would have been fine, but bears are large and powerful and I decided that some risks are not worth taking. I moved on to a new location.

This is not the greatest photo, but it shows the bear paw and claws of the bear that was trying to get inside a motorhome. No thank you. A location with less bear activity is preferred for a restful night’s sleep.