Drive to Haines, Alaska!!

I absolutely loved this campsite. I refueled in Haines Junction and started looking for a place to spend the night. This is the perfect campsite. It was quite with the soothing sound of a creek from melting snow and glacier. It was the ideal location to relax after a day of driving.

I loved waking up the sound of flowing water! It was so peaceful and beautiful!

As I started driving, there were interesting clouds building over the mountains. Will it start raining?

Clouds started building up all around the mountains. I loved the colors within the mountains! Soon after taking this photo, the drizzle rain started to fall everywhere.

Once I arrived in Haines, I stopped at the visitor center. The gentleman told me there was an excellent brewery in Haines, so I added it to my to-do list.

I sampled two beers and thought they were both great. Tomorrow, I may try another one too. It is fun to meet small local businesses and hear a bit about how they got started.