Traverse City, Michigan – the “Cherry Capital of the World!”

This company has fantastic cherry products!

Today was a milestone for me in my RV travels. With our previous diesel pusher and our current motorhome, I have had the opportunity to sleep in our motorhome in all 48 lower states. Michigan was my final state to complete all 48 states!

It is fun that I was able to arrive in Traverse City as my first tourist stop in Michigan. Traverse City is known as the “Cherry Capital of the World” because of all cherries grown in the area and the wide variety of cherry products that are available for purchase. I had a wonderful time going from store to store tasting various cherry products. The obvious cherry jams and syrups were wonderful. The cherry trail mix was great, and the chocolate covered cherries were outstanding. I tasted 6 different cherry wines (more were available, but a tasting event was limited to 6 wines). It was a difficult decision, but I decided to buy bottles of two different cherry wines. Cherry fudge was bursting with flavor too. The cherry salsas were great. There were also unusual items. Cherry flavored barbeque sauce? Cherry bacon spread? Cherry queso?

This was my favorite wine! It was described as “cherry pie in a bottle.”
Their cherry spiced wine is wonderful.
These are fantastic! I am glad that samples were available to try!
I was not able to try their pancakes, but I think I would love them!
I love cherry syrup!
Cherry coffee is certainly worth a try!
Maybe I would like this?
Sounds great to me!
No thanks. I think I will pass on this one.
I am doubtful about this one.
My taste buds said that Black Cherry and Chocolate cherry were excellent fudge flavors!
I loved this colorful mural!
There are several popular beaches in Traverse City!
I liked this sculpture near the marina.