Indiana Dunes National Park!

It is an awesome experience to stand on the shore of Lake Michigan!

I set a goal to visit as many national parks as possible on my RV trip. Some I have visited are famous, while others of not well known. I put Indiana Dunes National Park in the latter category. I had never heard of it until I started reviewing all the national parks. It is quite unique in that it has several ecosystems all in one national park. I think it is probably most well known for its beaches and dunes. It is a fascinating patchwork of properties that contain all these different ecosystems together. I thoroughly enjoyed my day visiting this national park.

I think this gentleman should receive an award for being the most awesome park ranger. He was extremely informative and excited to tell me about Indiana Dunes National Park and all the things I should see during my visit.
Their bison knows the importance of wearing a mask if not vaccinated for COVID (although I think it looks more like a feed bag).
I was excited to walk along this path to see Lake Michigan for the first time!
The water was quite chilly, but it was beautiful to see Lake Michigan.
In places, this beach had river rock mixed together with the beach sand.
The name of this dune is Mount Baldy. It is amazing because it moves every year with the wind! It now almost reaches one of the parking lots.