The Mighty Mackinac Bridge!

The Mackinac Bridge is an amazing engineering accomplishment!

Today I drove over the Mackinac Bridge in the motorhome during a rainstorm! Everything was fine, but I was very careful to stay in my line going uphill and then downhill. The Mackinac Bridge is truly an engineering marvel. It is huge and awesome and commands attention. It is amazing that it opened in 1957.

This monument was dedicated to the union workers who built the bridge and died during its construction.
Truly an amazing bridge!
The massive bridge is visible in the midst of the rain storm!
This is a clear spring called Kitch-iti-Kipi (“Big Spring”). The wind is slightly rippling the surface of the spring, but it is crystal clear! You can see 40 feet down to the bottom of the spring. Over 10,000 gallons per minute of water gush from the spring!
All of these logs are under water, but the water is so clear, it almost seems like they are on the surface.
“UP” is how people often refer to Michigan’s upper peninsula. A person living in the UP is commonly called a “yooper.” This Yooper bar is a candy bar made in the UP. It is a requirement for anyone visiting the UP buy a Yooper bar!
This is the famous red lighthouse at Manistique, Michigan in the upper peninsula facing south.