Mystic, Connecticut!

Guiding the Morgan was fun!!
The ships at the Mystic Seaport Museum were impressive!

I have really enjoyed visiting Connecticut. A highlight was going to the Mystic Seaport Museum. They had some historic ships to see as well as a number of demonstrations. It was quite interesting.

I learned about catching lobsters in these old wooden containers.
A classic Connecticut view of the coast!
I loved these classic ships!
These teenagers were at the museum attending a camp to teach them how to sail a boat.
I learned about making barrels in order to carry things on the ship. The large barrel in the back was for carrying whale oil.
The fire-fighting boat was interesting.
I enjoyed climbing all over this ship. Below deck, it was not possible to stand upright. The sleeping spaces were quite cozy (i.e. very small).
One of the most interesting areas was learning about the carvings placed in the front of the ship. Very fascinating.
I highly recommend the Mystic Seaport Museum!
I thought this was a great name for a tavern on the coast!
It was absolutely hilarious to watch these kids try and raise this sail!
What a beautiful home across the water from the museum!