New York City!!

This charging bull is famous! Finally I was able to touch the bull in person! Go stock market go!!
A special attribute of America is the ease with which we can become part-owners of companies. Truly powerful and truly amazing wealth building in a capitalistic society.

I had a fantastic time in New York City! It has been years and years since I have visited. The 9/11 museum was not open the last time I was there.

These roads are known around the world!

I started my visit by seeing the Charging Bull and the New York Stock Exchange. I am so grateful that we live in a capitalistic society. Capitalism is not always pretty, but it sure beats the alternatives.

This cute statue has some controversy. My understanding is that she used to be placed in front of the Charging Bull. Now she stands in Front of the New York Stock Exchange. She seems defiant to me. She may benefit beginning to buy shares in a broad index of companies. Who am I to say? Just a suggestion.
I am not sure why I took this photo? Maybe because stocks do not always go up? Maybe because there can sometimes be ugly downsides to company ownership? During bad times, poop can fly everywhere and adversely impact many people.
The September 11th memorial museum is outstanding. It is very well done!

Next, I visited the 9/11 museum. This has always been a very tender time for me. My father died on September 4, 2011. We had his funeral the following weekend and then the 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred right after the funeral. The combination of those two events has always been difficult for me.

I liked this statement!
Large sections of the memorial did not allow photography. This image shows the massive destruction with the collapse of the towers.
I liked the symmetry of the 9 and 11 in Roman numerals.

I really enjoyed walking through the 9/11 museum. The people who put the contents together really deserve high praise. It is very well done. It is respectful to all the people who died, and yet is it very factual describing what happened. I encourage everyone to see it. It brought back many memories.

A structure of the towers that is frequently recognized.
Outside, the are the “inverse” towers with the names of people who died during the attacks.

Next, I rode a ferry out to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. I learned that both Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty are actually in New Jersey and not New York state.

The Statute of Liberty is such a iconic image of America!
It never gets old to enjoy the Statue of Liberty!

Majestic buildings! The new tower is visible in this photo.
The famous Empire State Building is in the background of this photo.
Famous Ellis Island that has welcomed and processed so many immigrants.
This is an iconic photo of New York City from the Hudson.
Old and new building describe the matrix of New York City architecture.