Rhode Island!

During my bike ride, there were a series of businesses right next to the bike path. I stopped and had a fantastic salad midway through my ride. I absolutely loved the food!

This was a beautiful bike path that was paved for the entire way.

I had a fantastic day in Rhode Island. I found a bike path that was created on an old railroad track. It was the William C. O’Neill South County Bike Path in Kingston, Rhode Island. I have ridden on other railroad tracks that have been converted into bike paths and absolutely loved the trails.

To my surprise, this bike path in Rhode Island was completely paved for the entire 7.2 miles. It was very smooth, beautiful, and a fantastic way to enjoy a beautiful day!

There were nice water scenes to enjoy along the way.
I enjoyed seeing water.
I am not sure the name of this flower, but it grew in many places along the ride. I love the deep orange colors.
This zany sculpture was right next to the trail.
I thought this was a spectacular discovery. Someone put together eggs for sale. Please return the cartons. Place your money in the metal box below.
I liked this contraption to move the chicken enclosure. Bicycle steering in the front and bike tires in the back. When I walked near it, all the chickens came running up to me all excited.
At first, I scared this cute fellow. He withdrew his head and legs and arms into his shell. After a few minutes, he ventured out to look around.
Many of the home along my bike ride had spectacular flowers growing in their yards. I loved all the colors!
One of the well-know microbreweries in Rhode Island is Whalers Brewing Company. Their brewery is right next to the bike path! I tried to stop in to sample their products, but they do not open until 4 pm, so I missed my opportunity to taste their beer.
I stopped by the University of Rhode Island on my bike ride. The have one of the smallest college football stadiums I have ever seen.
Here is my camping spot tonight. I love all the trees and cool shade.
This is the first RV park where they had an amazing slide for everyone to enjoy!