Virginia Beach!

Virginia Beach has wonderful beaches!

I drove the motorhome from Norfolk, Virginia to Virginia Beach. Yesterday it was hot and humid, but today was overcast and much cooler. The beach was beautiful and I walked down to the water and touched the Atlantic. The water was cool, but nice. The beach was filling up with people wanting to cool down from the hot weather and to enjoy Father’s Day.

Great sand, sun, and water!

It made me think that last month I was at the Pacific Ocean visiting John, Michelle, and David and now I was on the Atlantic coast.

Proof that I touched the Atlantic Ocean!

I enjoyed walking along the boardwalk and going in different shops. There was one path for walking and an adjacent pathway designed only for bikes. After going through many shops, I went back to the motorhome and got my bike.

I came across this intense sculpture as I rode my bike along the bike bath!

The weather was cool and I had a wonderful time riding my bike. I went all the way north to the military base. It was a perfect day to people watch, see a perfect beach, and enjoy excellent weather for bike riding. I think I was smiling from ear to ear.