Assateague Island National Seashore!

I was so excited to discover that I was less than an hour away from Assateague Island!

After arriving in Maryland, I discovered that the Assateague Island National Seashore was less than an hour away. I remember has a child in elementary school reading about the wild horses on Assateague Island. I made that my first stop this morning!

Sorry the photo is not great, but I was so excited to see the wild horses on Assateague Island!!

The horses on Assateague Island are wild and roam freely. When people visit the island, there is no guarantee that you will see the horses. When I entered the area, I drove carefully looking for horses, but I got to the end of the road and never saw anything. I did see an 8 inch turtle motoring along the ground, but no horses.

I felt fortunate to see the wild horses!!

However, as I was driving back, I saw a herd of wild horses eating along the bank. I turned the motorhome around and came back and was able to use my telephoto lens to better see the horses!

I also walked along the beach on the island. This is the only beach I have ever been at where there is horse poop on the beach.

Assateague Island has beautiful beaches that are not crowded!!

The beaches are beautiful and people in the campgrounds primarily come to enjoy the peace and quiet and beautiful beaches.

Colorful kayaks are available for rent

I was so happy that I stumbled upon the wild horses! It was a special treat to see them!

I was driving to mail some postcards and came across the Sinepuxent Brewing Company in Berlin, Maryland. I love to discover breweries and distilleries, so I had to spontaneously stop. I did a tasting of 4 different beers and selected two for takeout purchase. The sealed them in large “beer cans.” I absolutely love spontaneous discoveries when traveling!!

Discovering a great microbrewery is a fun time!