Wright Brothers National Memorial!

It was breathtaking to stand next to this replica of the plane that actually flew!
This is one of my very favorite places to visit in North Carolina!

North Carolina is a wonderful state and one of the highlights for me was going to the Wright Brothers National Memorial. I loved seeing where the first working airplane actually flew!!

This very famous photo shows their actual first flight!
Wilbur and Orville would practice gliding from this hill

It was amazing to learn about the Wright brothers’ creativity in approaching an unbelievable complex problem. Figuring out the wing design, propeller design, engine, and steering were simply astounding to me. They were insightful and “out of the box” thinkers. I truly marvel at their achievements! Their first successful flight was on December 17, 1903. They were the first to have powered flight with a “heavier-than-air machine!” It is truly a remarkable achievement!

It is astounding that these guys funded, designed, and tested how to build and fly an airplane!
The plane would start on the wooden runway track and it lifted off where the large stone sits. The 4 marking stones in the distance and the length of the first 4 flights. Each was a bit longer. Truly amazing!
I am amazed at the complexity of their achievement!