Great Smoky Mountains National Park!

Beautiful trees are everywhere!

It is difficult to summarize the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in a few words because it is so large and involves so many features. There are rivers running many places. There is intense growth of thick trees. There are mountains that are quite steep. It overlaps into both Tennessee and North Carolina. There is wildlife. There is hiking. There are roads. There are people.

I loved listening to the water running
This is Cataract Falls. Not too mighty right now.

I now understand why so many people visit Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It is beautiful! Every trail head I saw was overflowing with cars for people wanting to hike. The campground sites were all full. The parking areas along the main road were filled with cars of people wanting to see such beautiful views. It is hard to describe the grandeur because the views are so wide in scope. I thoroughly enjoyed my time today!!

The views are beautiful! The trees are so dense!
I loved a!ll the variations in green trees
Beautiful vistas in all directions!
It is interesting to have a national park sit right on the border of two states.