Houston Space Center!

Houston Space Center-10

Space Shuttle Independence!

Today was absolutely AMAZING! We went to the Houston Space Center and went on a tour of Mission Control! We saw the actual location that directed so many space flights! It was smaller than expected, but awesome to see in real life!


Houston Space Center-2

This is the ACTUAL Mission Control Center that directed so many space missions! The current International Space Station is on the screen.

We touched a moon rock too! The moon rock was from the Apollo 17 mission. We saw all kinds of equipment from previous missions. It brought back so many memories of seeing the space flights on TV.


Houston Space Center-6

I am touching a moon rock brought back by Apollo 17!

Houston Space Center-4

An actual Mercury space capsule!

Houston Space Center-5

This is the Apollo 17 space capsule! In high school I was in Florida to watch it blast off into space!

It made me remember when I was a sophomore in high school and traveled to Florida with Miles Ulrich and his family to watch Apollo 17 (the last Apollo flight) blast off. I loved seeing so many things about the missions. I saw the ACTUAL Apollo 17 space capsule!


Houston Space Center-8

Charlene is inside the Space Shuttle Independence!

Houston Space Center-9

Charlene is in front of the Space Shuttle Independence mounted on the 747 plane.

We also learned about Orion, the planned upcoming manned space flight to Mars. That will be amazing to see in the future.

Houston Space Center-7

This is the cockpit of the Space Shuttle Independence.