Baton Rouge Louisiana!

Ed and gator

This massive gator was looking to eat me for dinner!

Louisiana is on my mind! Today we drove from Houston, Texas to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It was fun to drive over the Mississippi River and various bayous. Several of the bridges were quite high and also there were long bridges over swamp areas. Since it was February, many of the trees did not have too many leaves. However, it was interesting to see moss hanging down from many trees.


LSU hats

LSU hats are everywhere. Les Miles (the LSU football coach) loves to wear new hats for each game.

Louisiana State University is based here, so there are many purple and gold banners, shirts, and hats. Les Miles should be proud of so many people wearing LSU caps!


Baton Rouge is also the state capital of Louisiana so it is quite important politically. It is fun to see Cajun food everywhere too!