motorhome view

Beautiful view from our motorhome!

Today we moved from Mission, Texas to Houston. We had a great trip until we got to the outskirts of Houston. The GPS sent us to a toll road that required an automatic tracker, which we did not have. Unfortunately, signs were posted that they did not accept cash either. Bummer for us. We had to weave through some local neighborhoods with low hanging trees to get around the toll road. Eventually, we made it to our destination and have a beautiful view of a small lake out of the front window. It is beautiful!



Catfish are certainly ugly!

I walked around the RV park and found a guy that just caught a 23 inch catfish! It is catch and release, so shortly after he caught the fish, he removed the hook and tossed it back into the lake. I was amazed how large the fish was. Catfish are sure ugly!

Alamo Draft House

After that, we headed to Alamo Draft House to watch “13 Hours:; The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.” We enjoyed the movie and had fun eating dinner while watching a movie. It is certainly an intense movie!