Spicy Mike’s Bar-B-Q Haven

Spicy Mike's BBQ

Spicy Mike’s has absolutely fantastic barbeque! We enjoyed looking at all the rustic ranch supplies on the walls.

Today we discovered a special treat! A couple we met at the marriage retreat we attended a few weeks ago told us they liked Spicy Mike’s Bar-B-Q Haven. Today we learned why they recommended it. It is a very small independent restaurant in the southeast area of Amarillo. Charlene ordered the pork ribs and I ordered the pulled pork. The meat was especially tender and we thoroughly enjoyed both barbeque sauces. We had to ask for to-go boxes as we could not finish our meals. Their smoked meatloaf is supposed to be very good too. That will have to wait for a future visit. Maybe we will order a takeout meatloaf this weekend? I absolutely LOVE discovering independent restaurant gems!