Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving 2015 edited

Neil, Amy, Michelle, John, me, and Charlene on Thanksgiving morning.

It is not very often when we can get together with Amy, Neil, John, and Michelle all at the same time. However, we were able to all get together and had a wonderful, but brief, time together. Sorry, this is a poor quality photo from my cell phone.


Turkey Trot 2015

Charlene and I are starting the Turkey Trot in a cold rain. Fortunately, it stopped raining as we continued on the course. Photo by Sean Steffen / Amarillo Globe-News

Amy, Neil, Charlene, and I were getting ready to go jog/walk in the Turkey Trot. John and Michelle needed to get out of town because a large multi-day ice storm was on its way to Amarillo.


Neil Amy

Neil and Amy are in the middle of the photo wearing blue t-shirts. The rain was really coming down! Photo by Sean Steffen / Amarillo Globe-News

Neil and Amy left Charlene and me in the dust in the Turkey Trot. Neil and Amy are in great shape. It was raining on and off during most of the run, but we really enjoyed ourselves. Charlene and I were happy because we finished the 5 K within an hour. After the run, we enjoyed nice warm, long showers and then made a wonderful Thanksgiving meal.