Seward Helicopter Ride!!

Today we had an amazing experience!! We had our first helicopter ride! Seeing beautiful Alaska from the air was an amazing experience!

We love this photo which shows the icebergs, the mountains, and the deep green of Alaska on a cloudy day!

Believe it or not, but the small black dots are seals as seen from our helicopter! They enjoy resting on the icebergs.

The blue color of the glaciers is amazing to see!

We saw several black bears during our helicopter ride! This fellow was fun to watch!

The glaciers are huge, gorgeous blue, and impressive!

This distance photo shows the immense size of the glacier flowing down the entire mountain.

The depth of the crevasses is incredible!

Alaska is such a picturesque setting!

The fresh water from the glacier melt is separated from the salt water on the far right by a small sliver of land. You can tell the difference by the different colors of water.

The icebergs and mountains in the distance are beautiful!

Each iceberg is like a individually crafted fingerprint! No two are alike.

It is difficult to tell perspective in this photo, but this glacier is enormous!

It was amazing to see the depth of the crevasses! They have a rich blue color and are very deep!

The pure water of the glacier melt appears blue and is very clear!

The glaciers are simply stunning!

Sometimes the icebergs turn upside down. When this happens, the now exposed previous bottom, is strikingly blue.

This is our helicopter pilot’s favorite iceberg. We flew around until we found this massive blue ice-cube floating in the water.

It was a serene, beautiful sight, to see the icebergs floating peacefully in the water.

The icebergs were carved by the elements into unique art.

After our helicopter ride, we returned to our campsite and this is the view of the mountain directly across from where we are parked. It is spectacularly beautiful!

Seward is known form having many beautiful murals around town. Charlene and I especially liked this mural near the harbor master office.

Charlene is testing out the dog sled and preparing for the next Iditarod race!

Sitting at our campsite, we noticed this bald eagle eating dinner atop this pole.