Drive to Seward!!

On the drive from Anchorage to Seward, we stopped in Moose Pass to buy a coffee on a cold day (yes it is July 9th and it was less than 60 degrees!!) Inside, Charlene discovered the largest rabbit I have ever seen. His name is Alabaster Snowball and he weighs 15 pounds! 15 pounds!!!!! This rabbit weighs more than our dog Zoe!

The drive was beautiful! We stopped about 5 times to enjoy the scenes. I love seeing the flowing river, the colors of the trees and the low clouds. It rained off an on the entire day.

Another photograph of Alaska flowers. I love the rich colors. We think the name of the plant is “Fireweed.”

Charlene has quickly fallen in love with Alaska. The mountains and rivers are beautiful!

Charlene discovers the huge size of a grizzly bear! The sign says “caution: do not touch, he may bite.” Charlene was not afraid!

However, the fear statement need to be reconsidered once Charlene notes the massive size of the bear’s claws!

Bald eagles are quite impressive! They have a very large wingspan! Watch out Charlene! The eagle is coming for you!

We went to Ray’s restaurant for dinner and were seated at the best corner table with a spectacular view of the harbor and boats returning from the day on the Gulf of Alaska and Pacific Ocean. While eating dinner, we saw a harbor seal playing in the water just outside our window! Earlier in the day we saw two bald eagles just outside our campsite! Alaska is amazing!